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Redesign new items to Skul: the Hero Slayer!

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The mod has been updated to the latest version of MrBacanudo (1 April,2024)

  • minor tweaks to my design

Custom Items MOD² for Skul: the Hero Slayer

This is a mod to «Custom Items mod by MrBacanudo and Haxa, MOD²

I like the items from MrBacanudo, but their design is different from the base design of the Skul game, so I decided to finalize this mod for myself.

I redrew about half of the icons, and adjusted the names, some more of the icons finalized.

Use this mod if you like it. I do not claim authorship of this mod. Its authors: code by MrBacanudo, art by Haxa

IMPORTANT before installation:

You probably need to uninstall the previous version of this mod (MrBacanudo's version)

This is the same file, but with replaced icons, I think they may conflict

I duplicate further description from the main page:

Custom Items Mod for Skul: the Hero Slayer

(Code by MrBacanudo, art by Haxa)

This mod contains both the foundation for new custom items in the game, and a pack of items to increase diversity!

The initial release has:

  • 4 Commons
  • 4 Rares
  • 3 Uniques
  • 3 Omens
  • 4 Legendaries

About the items

The description of the items is left outside this README on purpose, in order to keep things fresh for the player.

However, here are some teasers:

  1. Two effects that were never seen in the world of Skul - one is a mysterious Legendary!
  2. A very powerful Omen that calls back to two items that were removed from the game
  3. Multiple enablers of multi-status runs
  4. Two enablers of mixed-damage builds at low rarities
  5. A common masterpiece item with a powerful transformation
  6. A legendary item called Quindent of Sadism designed by Beelz
  7. An enabler and payoff for defensive builds
  8. Two powerful legendaries for all-in strategies
  9. ... and still many more items!