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Local HTTP server to send in-game announcements

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100



This plugin is currently in active testing, please report any issues you find!

(Also please reach out if you have any questions!)

Trigger the in-game announcement feature via a local API

Listens for an HTTP request and, after validating the message and other checks, sends an annoucement to your crew!

Send a GET request to http://localhost:8002/sendchat?message=Hello%20World to trigger an announcement of "Hello World" in-game.

In addition to raw HTTP requests, there is also a Stream Deck Plugin to make announcements. If you click the "Manual Download" button to download the zip file, inside should be a file ending in .streamDeckPlugin you can use to install the plugin. Most of the default settings should work, just need to add a message.

Current requirements to send an announcement:

  • Must be captain of the ship.
  • Must be at the Helm station.

In addition, you can use special $variables to automatically replace these with values from in-game:

Crew Variables:

  • $captain: The display name of the Captain
  • $randomCrew[id]: A random crew member's name, replace [id] to keep it consistant in the message (ex $randomCrew1)
  • $crew[id]: The crew member with that numeric id, replace [id] with a number (ex $crew0)

Fight Variables:

(These will be blank if no fight is occuring)

  • $enemyName: The name of the enemy ship
  • $enemyIntel: The intel of the enemy ship
  • $enemyInvaders: The invaders from the enemy ship
  • $enemyThreat: The threat level of the enemy ship
  • $enemySpeed: The speed of the enemy ship
  • $enemyCargo: The cargo of the enemy ship

Run Variables:

  • $campaignName: The name of the campaign (ex Pluto)
  • $sectorName: The name of the sector (ex Pluto Outskirts)

Misc Variables:

  • $version: The version of SlipChat (mainly for debugging purposes, no real purpose)