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SOTF Autosave

Performs an autosave over a configurable interval, once every 5 minutes by default

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BepInEx pack for IL2CPP Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 6.0.667



Performs an autosave over a configurable interval, by default once every 5 minutes.


Losing progress due to game crashes or disconnects in multiplayer is no fun. Autosave should help at least alleviate the issue.


The autosave scheduler starts as soon as the mod gets loaded, and does not reset at any point. In other words, when the first autosave triggers relative to the game start will depend on how long was spent in the pre-game lobby.

Naturally, if the autosave schedule triggers in the lobby, nothing will happen.


After launching the game for the first time, a config file will be generated to ./BepInEx/config/dev.mythic.sotf.autosave.cfg

The config file contains a single config key called AutosaveIntervalSeconds which can be used to control how many seconds to wait between autosaves.

Available versions

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