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MirrorInternalLogs pack for Subnautica. Preconfigured

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This preloader patcher allows to capture and mirror Unity internal debug logs (i.e. the contents of output_log.txt).
Preloader patch provides a public event one can listen to which will receive all Unity logs, including internal debug logs that are only output to output_log.txt.

Unlike output log, which can be disabled in the game, this mirror will always capture said debug logs. If Unity already outputs output_log.txt, this plugin will simply create a copy of it in a more accessible place that %APPDATA%.

How to use: This is a preloader patcher. Put the compiled DLL into BepInEx/patchers.

Pre - Configured

By default, logs are output to unity_log.txt but we have included a configuration file to name it {process}-Modding-Log.txt.