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NOT A MOD ! This is a Custom Language (UDL) for Notepad++ to improve reading Logfiles.

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Logfile Highliner for QModManager 4


  • Notepad++ - Any 8.X that supports UDL

This is NOT a MOD. This is a User Define Language File for Notepad++ for Logfiles generated by QModManager.

If you don´t know what i am talking about, please don´t use this. This is NOT a MOD.

After working with many Logfiles generated by QModManager i decided to make it easier readable. It Highlight important informations in the logfile.

Sadly there a 2 Huge Problem

  • Notepad++ does not support Filecontent based UDL activation. So you need to activate the Language by yourself everytime you open a logfile.
  • As many Modder don´t use the Qmod or SML Logging its mostly nessesary to add every Mod one by one.

So yeah it´s not the best but i thought: "Hey even it was only for myself why not share it. There is nothing to loose." I maybe update it time by time when adding mods to the list but mostly you are on your own. But feel free to share list updates in the Comments i will add them too.

How to install:

Start with downloading the UDL File Then Open Notepad++ HowToInstall_1

  1. Go to Language
  2. Select User Define Language
  3. Define your Language HowToInstall_2
  4. Select "Import"
  5. Select downloaded file.

How to use:

  1. Open Logfile
  2. Go to Language
  3. Select the Imported Language. (Will always stay on the bottum of the list)


License: Reuploading of any File Content is prohibited either Original, Modified or Partly for other Projects. If you have any Bugfixes may contact me with it and i will credit you in the next release.