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Improved Working Security with Metal Improved Gloves with Gravitation Function. Collect Fast and Easy Materials.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

Subnautica_Modding-QModManager-4.4.3 icon

QModManager is an intermidiate loader for mods made for the QMM system.

Preferred version: 4.4.3
Subnautica_Modding-SMLHelper-2.13.4 icon

SMLHelper is a modding library that helps making mods easier by helping with adding new items, changing items, adding models, sprites, etc.

Preferred version: 2.13.4


Metal Hands


  • Custom Databoxes - Minimum 1.1
  • QModManager 4 - Minimum
  • SMLHelper (Modding Helper) - Minimum 2.9.2
  • VersionChecker - Minimum 1.2.1 (OPTIONAL)

This Mod adds a new Gloves with a feature to instandly break Ressouces. In the next Tier it collect the broken Items directly into the Inventory. There are Gloves for the Player that enables this feature. Also there is a Module that upgrades the Prawn Claw into a Gravitation Claw and Autocollect broken items too.

You can find the Blueprints randomly on Databoxes.

At least... You bored and don't want my shitty Gloves ? No Problem ! You can activate the Cheat mode and use my Mod without the need to craft the Glove.

Warning: This Mod currently not properly working with the "Increased Chunk Drop Mod". It collect the vanilla item but not the additional spawned ones.

How to install

Install QMods
Install SML Helper
Install Costum Databoxes
(Optional) Install Versions Checker
Extract the downloaded Mod File to the Qmod Folder in the Game Folder.
(It should look like "Subnautica\QMods\MetalHands\[Mod Files]")

How to config this Mod ? Simply look under Settings -> Mods There you will find all available Configs.

(not recommend) if you want to change something outside the game. Look into the "config.json"

Best Practise to use The Custom Databoxes will only spawn in not discovered Areas. So i recommen to use the Mod on new Savefile. If you have already discovered the hole Map you need to unlock them via Console. (Or spawn it. For Techtype Name scoll down to "Spoiler")

Plans for the Future (I don’t give any guarantee)

v 0.9 Code Update
v 1.0 real Pictures/Assets for the Glove and Module
v 2.0 Compatible with More Chunck drops

Special Thanks to Al-An for creating the upcoming Assets to all Moders that helped me to troubleshoot and so on. Highlithing Metious and MrPurple6411 on this.

! SPOILER ! If you want to spawn the directly over console use the following


License: Reuploading of any File Content is prohibited either Original, Modified or Partly for other Projects. If you have any Bugfixes may contact me with it and i will credit you in the next release.