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A simple and easy to use mod manager for several games using Thunderstore



  • Games added:
    • Content Warning
    • Plasma
    • MS store support for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
  • Profile code exports now have a size restriction
  • Fixes for Voices of the Void
  • Other general fixes/improvements


  • anttimaki
  • cspotcode
  • Oksamies
  • ethangreen-dev


  • Significant performance improvements
  • Games added:
    • Palworld
    • Voices of the Void
    • GOG support for Cult of the Lamb
    • EGS support for 20 Minutes Till Dawn
  • General QoL improvements


  • anttimaki
  • Lordmau5
  • IngoHHacks


  • Games added:
    • Sailwind
    • Meeple Station
    • Void Crew
  • Bug fixes:
    • Clicking the version number no longer takes you to a broken link
    • Pagination takes up less screen space
  • Dependencies can now be uninstalled/disabled without removing the dependent mod


  • Games added:
    • Cities: Skylines II
    • Lethal Company
    • DREDGE
    • Last Train Outta' Wormtown
    • Wizard With a Gun
      • Now boots the full game instead of the demo (Thanks to @RandomWolf)


  • Games added:
    • Atomicrops
    • Erenshor
    • Sunkenland
    • Wizard with a Gun (Thanks to @RandomWolf)


All changes were by the Thunderstore team for this release

  • Games added:
    • Wizard of Legend
    • Will You Snail?
    • Garfield Kart - Furious Racing
    • Techtonica
    • Thronefall
    • We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie
    • Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
    • Touhou: Lost Branch of Legend


  • Games using MelonLoader should now correctly generate assemblies on first launch (EG: BONEWORKS / BONELABS)
  • Data directory can (finally) be re-set to an older directory without having to clear settings
  • (Thunderstore team) Added games:
    • Sun Haven
    • Wild Frost
    • Shadows of Doubt
    • Receiver 2
    • The Planet Crafter
    • Patch Quest
    • Shadows Over Loathing
    • West of Loathing
  • YAML is now supported in the config editor
    • Additionally an issue with the cursor when editing non .cfg files has been resolved (Thanks to sheybey)
  • Other minor fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Risk of Rain 2 could not launch when selecting the EGS platform


  • Added Wrestling Empire support
  • GodotML setup script is now called for Dome Keeper


  • Added support for more games:
    • RUMBLE
    • Dome Keeper
    • Skul: The Hero Slayer
    • Sons Of The Forest
    • The Ouroboros King
  • Bug fixed where game launch modal didn't always appear if clicked from certain screens
  • Note: Credits for all changes in this release go the Thunderstore team


  • Outward Definitive Edition now launches correctly
    • The bug previously caused Steam to prompt about launch arguments and would discard them even if the user accepted them.


  • Proton detection should work correctly on Linux platforms once again
    • Reasonable fallbacks should be provided if the manager fails to keep depots updated
  • Added games:
    • Brotato
    • Ancient Dungeon VR
    • Atrio: The Dark Wild
    • Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • BONELAB Oculus executable is now selectable
  • Online searching no longer requires underscores in the name (Thanks to MSchmoecker)


  • Temporary workaround to force Proton on Linux systems
    • Place a .forceproton file in the game directory whilst a solution is in development
  • The blank screen on game selection has another potential fix
  • BONELAB can now be used on copies from the Oculus Store
  • ULTRAKILL support added
  • dotnet files will no longer appear in the config editor for BepInEx 6 BE builds.


  • Improved online search performance
  • Config names wrap if too long
  • Deprecated mods are hidden by default in the online section
    • Deprecated mods can be made visible in the filters modal within the online section
  • Potential fix for blank game selection screen
  • Added support for .npc files in Hard Bullet
  • Internal refactoring


  • Profile exports changed to use Thunderstore provided host
  • Significantly improved search performance in the online tab
  • Game selection server tab modified to reduce user mis-clicks


  • Added games:
    • Ravenfield
    • Aloft
    • Cult of the Lamb
    • Chrono Ark (64 bit)
    • Trombone Champ
    • Rogue : Genesia
    • Across the Obelisk
  • Xbox Game Pass support
    • Thanks to starfi5h
  • Other improvements thanks to the Thunderstore team:
    • Game can now be changed without an app restart
    • Internal refactors and improvements