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Show graphs about the game in the browser

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BepInEx pack for Timberborn. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.16


Ve Vant ze Data Timberborn!

Ve vant ze data. All ze data. Ve vant ze graphs, ve vant ze alerts, ve vant a vorld vere ve can eat a sea otter vizout getting sick!

example dashboard


This mod streams data from the game to InfluxDB and/or CSV files. This allows the creation of nice graphs as shown above in Grafana which can be viewed in the browser.

Find setup instructions for InfluxDB and Grafana here. Follow the instructions to set up preconfigured instances of InfluxDB and Grafana including an example dashboard. More in-depth setup instructions for Windows 10 have been written up in a Google doc by the great Gaster_. You can find those here.

A more detailed description of the mod's features can be found here.

Currently resource stockpiles and population counts are captured, but much more will follow in the...


  • Moar data. Power production/consumption, water levels, wind speed, FPS, ... anything goes. Feel free to submit suggestions.
  • In-game alerts. Define your own alerts and receive a notification in game.
  • Support for IRL alerts. Define alerts and hook up smart home devices, get a text message or what have you. Note that this is already possible for those that know how to set it up with InfluxDB! Examples and guides will follow in the future.
  • Integration with other mods to allow them to use ze data as well, e.g., for showing graphs in-game, using alerts to automate buildings, ...


See here

Known Issues

See here


Any feedback is welcome. You can reach me on the Timberborn Discord (thundersen#0586), Reddit ( or create a GitHub issue here.

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