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Makes seeded reruns way more consistent.

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100
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Modding framework for working with LBoL entities

Preferred version: 0.9.6410


Rng Fix

v2.0.0 Final major release(?)

v1.1.0 Limitation removed

v1.0.0 big changes, no time to log

v0.9 Oni sampling methods

Vanilla seeding is a clusterfuck. Encounters are path dependent, past choices affect future rolls, battle rngs are not isolated. Needless to say using the same seed will result in very different experience.

This mod roughly tries to ensure that n'th node of the same type will have the same rng state no matter where or when encountered. I.e. first 1-2 regular battle will always be the fixed for the same seed, including deck shuffle state and random enemy moves.

Probably the most algorithmically involved mod I've ever coded. Blog post about core ideas which make it work soon (perhaps).

What this fixes:

  • Pathing no longer affects encounters
  • Isolates battle and adventure rngs. Card discovery, shuffles etc. will not affect future encounters.
  • More consistent adventure queue.
  • Rare card rewards are unaffected by amount card rewards seen previously.
  • Consistent money rewards.
  • Random boss select is fixed by seed.
  • Much other rng dependence on player actions removed.

What this does not fix:

  • Should fix everything vanilla.
  • Modded entities will be assigned entity unique rngs when using vanilla getters.
  • Ensuring consistent sampling method is up to the modder, however.

Change log


  • Make card and other entity sampling method fairer to the weights.
  • Fix some exhibits not having rng assigned. Requires starting a new run for fix to take effect.
  • Change logs location to rngFix_logs/ in LBoL.exe folder.
  • Minor fallback and consistency upgrades.

2.0.0 Greatly reduces manipulation possible via save/loading:

  • Consistent deck shuffling, independent from discard order.
  • Consistent card discovery, independent from play order.
  • Consistent random targeting.
  • Somewhat consistent random insertion into the draw pile.
  • Consistent enemy moves, damage, P and score drops.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

1.1.2 Logging softlock fix.

1.1.1 Fix softlock when restarting on reward screen. Fix no samples being found when majority of weights are very low (<0.01). Separate card logs for rewards and discovery.

1.1.0 The majority out of battle rng inconsistencies were dealt with.

  • Decouple total potential pool from affecting rolls. Some absolute number constraints were introduced as the consequence (more details to follow).
  • Fix heavy bias towards higher weights.
  • (Experimental) Elite card rewards use regular cardRng queue instead of separate one.
  • Extra card rewards from Blank card and Omikuji are using separate rng. Cheers, zekses.

1.0.1 Main branch debut hardlock bug fix.

1.0.0 Big update:

  • Consistent card rewards even with different mana bases.
  • Event queue which makes sense.
  • Logging. Logs run information at %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\AliothStudio\LBoL\RngFix Enabled by default for this Seed of the Week cycle.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

0.9.0 Partly addresses the issues the mod hasn't addressed before:

  • Exhibits seen should be very consistent.
  • Elites have separate rng for card rewards.
  • Experimental encountered event queue.

0.8.2 Fix bug when restarting on battle reward screen.

0.8.1 Make supply station use separate rng for rolling exhibit.

0.8.0 Initial release.