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Metal Gear Solid UST

!!to use - install the mod manually and extract the mgs folder into the USTs folder!! This is a mod that aims to replace all the possible tracks in the game with the tracks from the Metal Gear Solid series using USTmanager,

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A mod to change the ULTRAKILL soundtrack

Preferred version: 1.5.2


(!) to use this mod, install it manually and drop the mgs folder into the USTs folder(!)

for those who wish for a little less breakcore

A mod made by Solidus Cumcer (working with USTmanager) and Grayfox On Crack (helped to brainstorm ideas) this mod aims to replace all the possible tracks in the game to the ones taken from the Metal Gear Solid series all the rights to the tracks used go to Konami Entertainment (or smth, Idk how to write these things)

I understand that some people would like to know what exactly this mod changes, so I'll write it here:

Main Menu Theme: Sing [easter]; Ghost Photography[halloween]; View of Deep Snow PW[christmas] Cancer theme: Cunningham

0-1: ! [intro]; Cavern [calm]; Encounter [battle] 0-2: Intruder 1 [calm]; Duel [battle] 0-3: Blast Furnace [calm]; Escape [battle] 0-4: REX’s Lair [calm]; Hind D [battle] 0-5: Vs. Genola

1-1: Drebin 893 [calm1]; Next-Gen Control [calm2]; No Place to Hide[battle] 1-2: Drebin 893[calm1 & battle1]; Vista Mansion [calm2]; Vista Mansion (louder) [battle2]; White Blood [calm3]; Great Escape [battle3] 1-3: Countdown To Disaster [calm]; Countdown To Disaster(Album Ver.) [battle] 1-4: Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Piano) [intro]; Yell Dead Cell [V2].

2-1: Revolver Ocelot [calm]; Tanker Incident [Battle] 2-2: Raiden Sneaking Mission [calm]; VR Remixed Sneaking Mission [battle] 2-3: Rush! [calm]; Snake VR Sneaking [battle] 2-4: Sohilanthropus Dominion 2-S: Electronica Emma [anime]; Next Generation part 1 [angelic]

3-1: CQC [calm1 & battle1]; Ocelot Youth [calm2 & battle2] 3-2: Shagohod [ambience]; Volgin, the Torturer [Gabriel speech]; Clash with Evil Personified [Gabriel]

4-1: Last Showdown[calm]; Takin’ on the Шагоход[battle] 4-2: Afghanistan Evasion [calm]; Swift Judgement [battle] 4-3: Escape Through the Woods [calm1 & battle1] Battle In The Base [calm2 & battle2]; On The Ground [calm3 & battle3] 4-4: Vamp [ambient]; Yell Dead Cell (VR Remix) [V2] 4-S: VR Variety Mission[1]; VR Mission MGS1 Snake Action [2]; VR Mission Raiden Action [3]; VR Remixed Variety Mission [4]

5-1: Cold Memories[calm]; Guns of the Patriots [battle] 5-2: Twilight Sniping [intro]; Haven Troopers [boss] 5-3: Arsenal’s Guts [calm1 & battle1]; Sediment Pool [calm2 & battle2] 5-4: The Pain 5-S: Infiltration [A]; Arms Depot [B]; Power Room [C]; Starboard [D]; Engine Room [E]

6-1: Air Strike [calm]; heavy arms [battle]; Uninterrupted Signal[boss] 6-2: Here's to You [intro]; Father & Son [boss]

7-1: Diversionary Ops [intro]; Endless Pain[calm]; For Liberty[battle]; [minotaur] 1: Desperate Chase 2: Full Circle 7-2: Violent Ceasefire [ambience]; Unmanned Army [gutterman]; The Hunted [calm]; The Hunter [battle] 7-3: Beautiful Mirage ~ An Unexpected Visitor[Clean 1] & [Battle 1]; FOB caution[Clean 2]; Darkness Roars [battle2] 7-4: Love Deterrence (god it needed to be split into so many parts) 7-S: MGS3 Radio

P-1: The Best is Yet to Come[spine]; TakeDown[flesh prison], Snake Eater [Minos prime] P-2: Old Metal Gear [street], Metallic Archaea [cerberus], MGS4 Underground Base [calm], BB Corps [Battle], Kill Me Now! [flesh panopticon], Heavens Divide [Sisyphus prime]