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Open your Personal chest anywhere, anytime! With optional Ender chest mode.

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100



Open your Personal chest anytime, anywhere!

Bind your Personal chest with Seiðr ('magic' in Old Norse) and access it anywhere, any time, with a keystroke.

Or if that's not your style, use Ender Chest mode, and access your common inventory by opening Personal chests throughout your world.

Keep a spare set of armor, emergency potions or food available in an instant without taking up inventory space.

Store stacks of resources temporarily without impacting your inventory weight limit ...but use your space wisely; you only have six slots.

Of course, all magic comes at a price. Binding and using a Seiðr chest costs Eitr and/or Stamina.


  • Fixed multiplayer issue locating existing Seidr chest after logging off at a distance from the chest
  • Fixed issue with unbinding current chest when rebinding to new Seidr chest


Hover your cursor over a Personal chest and press the BindSeidrChest key. You can bind a different chest at any time, but only one at a time.

In SeidrChest mode, your Seiðr chest is accessible remotely, from any location at any time you could normally open a chest, by pressing the OpenSeidrChest key.

In EnderChest mode, your Seidr chest content is only accessible from one of your Personal chests (anywhere). Opening the chest will reveal your Seiðr chest contents. If you want to access the actual Personal chest, hold down the OpenSeidrChest key while opening the chest. You can also "invert" this by setting InvertEnderOpenKey to True so the default open is the Personal chest, and the 'keyed' open accesses the Seiðr chest.



  • BindSeidrChest: Press this key to bind a Personal chest. (also to unbind, see Notes) Default is LeftAlt-J
  • OpenSeidrChest: Press this key to open your Seiðr chest. In Ender Chest mode, hold down to access a Personal chest's actual content. Default is H.
  • BindCost: The cost of Eitr and/or Stamina for binding a Seiðr chest. What energy is used depends on the CostType setting.
  • OpenCost: The cost of Eitr and/or Stamina for opening a Seiðr chest. What energy is used depends on the CostType setting.
  • CostType: Determines what energy is used to bind and open Seiðr chests. Can be one of: Eitr Only, Stamina Only, or Eitr Then Stamina.
  • StrictCost: Prevents binding and opening chests if the BindCost or OpenCost exceeds available Eitr and/or Stamina, depending on the CostType.
  • ChestMode: Selects either Seidr Chest or Ender Chest mode. Sets the method by which you access your Seiðr chest inventory, either directly (Seiðr Chest) or through Personal chests (Ender Chest)
  • RestrictNonTeleportable: Set to true to prevent storing non-teleportable items in the Seidr chest. Default is false;
  • InvertEnderOpenKey: Set to true to open (in Ender mode) a Personal chest by default and press the OpenSeidrChest key to open the Seiðr chest.


  • LogLevel: Sets the level of information that appears in the log file. Default is Info


  • All config settings are server authoritative except those in bold italics
  • SeidrChest saves your chest ID between sessions in custom Player data. As long as your Personal chest does not get destroyed, you can open your Seidr chest every session without rebinding.
  • Since SeidrChest uses an actual 'vanilla' chest to store your items, if you uninstall or disable the mod, your items will still remain in your Personal chest.
  • You can only bind a Personal chest you created, and only one at a time. All Personal chest access rules apply to the Seidr chest.
  • If RestrictNotTeleportable is set to true, you cannot bind chests that already have non-teleportable items inside. Move them out of the chest to bind it.
  • If you need to unbind a chest, hover over the bound chest and press the BindSeidrChest key. This will unbind the chest after which you can deconstruct the it. Note You can always change Seiðr chests by binding another chest without unbinding the first.
  • If a player is not physically located in the same zone as the Seidr Chest when loading, there will be an exception in the log file for WearNTear.Start that is currently unresolvable. It does not affect gameplay.

Compatibility issues & defects

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    • Your version of this mod
    • What you were doing, or attempting to do when it happened
    • If it's repeatable - i.e., can you duplicate it?
    • The exact behavior you observed (or didn't observe)
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Special shout out to Goldenrevolver for help testing, code review, and a bunch of great ideas.