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Mods needed to play in https://midgard.website Public Valheim server.



Version 3.1.32 - Even more Performance fixes and updates

  • Trying if Resource Optimizer is causing strange semi DC bug.
  • Fixed some sounds.

Version 3.1.31 - Even more Performance fixes and updates

  • Lowered rendering distances a bit.
  • Lowered LOD and Shadow resolution.
  • Simplified spawner checking.
  • Raised Upload and Download caps even more.
  • Multicrafting is back.
  • Many config fixes and tweaks.

Version 3.1.30 - Performance and Finetuning Update

  • Serious tuning of performance settings and mods.
  • Serious amount of fixes for everything.
  • Some mods had to go, some came along.
  • Skills for Hoe and Cultivator use.
  • A lot of small additions, changes and modifications.
  • Main island swamp still have miniboss altar what is causing fps to drop to 5.

Version 3.1.29

  • Mines(Places to mine ores, not like landmine or something lol).

Version 3.1.28

  • Removed ResourceOptimizer mod due to causing disconnects, halts and progress loss.
  • Removed skyheim mod due to causing DC, Failure and error infos not to show at all, and leaving player to guess what's going on.
  • Updated outdated mods.

Version 3.1.28

  • Removed ResourceOptimizer mod due to causing disconnects, halts and progress loss.
  • Removed skyheim mod due to causing DC, Failure and error infos not to show at all, and leaving player to guess what's going on.
  • Updated outdated mods.

Version 3.1.27

  • More jewelry gems.
  • Updated outdated mods.

Version 3.1.26

  • Updated WackyDB in a hurry cos it failed badly for reason author is mentioning on his update.
  • Inventory Recycling is back on, press DEL when dragging item, and get 25% resources back.

Version 3.1.25

  • Fixed login jamming and login picture just staying there forever bug...

Version 3.1.24

  • Repair station is back and is now repairing whole inventory at cost of 500 coins.
  • If you want to repair items yourself, Blacksmith skill can do this at skill level 80.
  • Disabled some UI elements like too many stat bars.
  • Increased all food durations.
  • Moved rest of the wizardy workstations to Crafting tab.
  • Updated all, like 20 outdated mods.
  • Good midsummers day (In Finland)! Other country ppl can just have good day without midsummer thingy!

Serverside update

  • Changed and improved all Celtic style helmets to be more useful.

Version 3.1.23

  • No horses, Cookiemilks mod broke the server again...

Version 3.1.22

  • Horses. Tame and breed them, get better horses and different colors and so on...
  • Cartography tables are now set to share info between guild members.
  • Crossbows stays loaded even if you throw it on your back.
  • Ultrawide screens support.
  • Added cooldown to treasure and bounty hunts.
  • Archery adjustments.
  • Changes to default chat settings.
  • Haldor is now only coughing and laughing, doesn't speak Russia anymore.
  • Updated outdated mods.

Serverside update

  • Spawn has portal now, and so does the market.

Serverside update

  • Fixed Hoe not having raise ground option.
  • Fixed pickaxe not able to lower ground.
  • Fixed corewood chest not having material (used wackydb until author correct materials).

Version 3.1.20

  • New locations for Flats and Vermin lands.
  • Armor calculations are now more precice.
  • Armor items are receiving 3 extra armor on every upgrade.
  • Your shield will be visible on back if you have equipped it on session and unequip it after it.

Version 3.1.19

  • Done things to reduce stuttering.
  • Added basic npc traders at Haldors place

Serverside update

  • Fixed Hoe or Pickaxe not able to modify terrain sometimes.

Version 3.1.21

  • Fixed oldwood, wood and darkwood chest materials.
  • Ability to unclaim beds, also you can revoke claim if you are original bed builder.
  • Updated outdated mods, very important update to wackydb and mmo mod.

Serverside update

  • Removed a lot extra clutter.
  • Disabled skill gain notifications for <1 gains (so only notifies when skill actually gains and not 100 times when its gaining frac of it.
  • Moved some craft tables to Crafting category to make more sense.
  • Added stonecutter requirement for building hidden stone doors.

Version 3.1.18

  • Fixed, updated and modofied Jesses Better Networking mod.
  • Fixed incompatibilites on network mod.
  • Lowered physics calculations a bit.
  • Please report if your lag caused by throttled network is now gone or reduced!

Version 3.1.17

  • Updated outdated mods.

Version 3.1.16

  • Updated outdated mods.

Version 3.1.15

  • Added 15 specialized backpacks which are only accepting certain mats and does it automatically when looting. For example Miners backpack will loot all ores and such. These backs really helps to keep your inventory sorted.
  • Fixed abusable backpacks inside the inventory.

Version 3.1.14

  • Fixed bosses. (Ty for Skully to report the problem).
  • Fixed several other minor things in configs.

Version 3.1.13

  • Fixed craft loop problem.
  • Loading and login times are also improved due to fixing of some glitches.

Version 3.1.11 & 3.1.12

  • More config fixes.

Version 3.1.0 - Midgard Ashlands

  • Lost Main SSD on server.
  • Replaced broken SSD :(
  • Cried a little....
  • Installed OS and 1000 programs.
  • Re* installed Valheim Server
  • Replacing SSD also wiped all characters and map. Good timing tho, since beta was about to end.
  • Balanced all midgard music volume.
  • Worked on new map.
  • Generating map as I want it, was pain in the ass again.
  • Map is now done, very interesting map, some surprises again as usual.
  • Checking custom ships, and remaking 3 new ships, we have 26 ships now to choose from.
  • Some checking, tuning and fixing.
  • Found loads of login problems..
  • Fixed those login problems.
  • There is most certainly some config glitches and misconficurations left..
  • Done.

Version 3.0.19 - Last beta update

  • Some config fixes.
  • Updated important outdated mods.

Version 3.0.18 - Ashland update, last beta version??

  • Fixed crash when summoning boss.
  • Fixed bosses Midgard abilities. Now they are kicking ass Midgard way again!!
  • Deleted Seasonality HD gfx from modpack to ease up with RAM requirements.
  • Had to let AlmanacClasses mod go due to causing spin bug constantly. Don't worry, plenty of custom magic, runes and stuff left to try.
  • Tons of other error and glitch fixes.

Version 3.0.17

  • Added latest fixed version of Resurrection mod, you can resurrect your pals with a thunderstone (just need to be in inventory).
  • Enabled showing your character stats and current effects when hovering on weight icon on inventory.
  • Removed Seasonal HD mod. This is because already high ram and rig requirements of pack.
  • Config fixes and fine tuning.
  • Updated outdated mods.

Version 3.0.16

  • Fixed gizmo to reset ALL axises when pressing V.
  • Now multicrafting is just plain and simple + and * buttons.
  • Fixed Blacksmithing (Skill didn't raise at all).
  • Fixed craftyboxes range (was 0???).
  • Put my craftybox .yaml config back so it actually does what is should.
  • This is the last update for today, even this upload would explode the planet, or even galaxy and shit, i'm not making new update anymore...
  • Cos i'm tired, not cos i'm all* in asshole, i hope.

Version 3.0.13 - Performance and optimization update

  • Set clutter visibility range to 145m.
  • Set real terrain visibility range to 180m.
  • Modified new ship and extra ships for Ashlands update, and made them Midgard like.
  • Decreased loaded zone count, to lower instance count. It is now about half as before.
  • Up and Download caps are now set to 5MB, at least for me initial loading is much faster now.
  • Inventory recycling is no more, you can still delete items by del key.
  • Changed multicraft mod to other one due to bug when crafting looped until all your resources were used.
  • Generally got rid of useless shit.
  • Fixed lots of other bugs and glitches what appeared during this fix period.

Version 3.0.11 - Midgard Ashlands

  • Fixed some chat/ping related issues.
  • Forcing lower visibility range for grass, less grass, and lower LOD for it.
  • Lowered valheim.exe process to use 'above normal' priority to make sure high priority is not throttling anything.
  • Discord announce for server status + some other things.
  • Removed Rune Magic mod due to it still messing up server syncing for some players. (Hope this is only one doing it....)
  • Fixed bug when grilling meat on cooking station you couldn't remove the meat when it's done, resulting couple pieces of coal.
  • Some other possible server sync failure fixes.

Version 3.0.10 - Midgard Ashlands

  • Adjusted & fixed some new mod configs to fit server.
  • Changed streamingMipmapsMemoryBudget to 4096 from 512, will gain FPS over 20% on some GPUs.
  • Wiped map, generated new continental map and modified it some.
  • Characters wiped, so make new one in game when login first time.

Version 3.0.0 - Midgard Ashlands

  • Changed downstream cap to 5MB to prevent and help loading prefabs after login and when moving fast.
  • Tame and mount system. Can jump with mount and even attack when mounted.
  • More start level magic.
  • Fixed modpack to be compatible with Valheim Ashlands update.