Mods uploaded by nbusseneau

Better Cartography Table
Allows precise control over sharing pins and map exploration via cartography tables. Supports private pins, public pins, and guild pins. Supports NoMap runs, giving cartography tables a purpose in NoMap. Translations available.
Last updated: 2 days ago
Instant Fertilizer
Allows to fertilize plants (crops, trees) and pickables (berries, mushrooms, flowers) to grow / respawn them instantaneously. Configurable fertilizer list and growing / respawning time reduction, enforceable server-side. Translations available.
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
Colored Food UI
Colors food UI backgrounds based on their dominant stat. Client-side, no configuration.
Last updated: a month ago
Fuel Daylight Saving
Disables fuel-based fireplaces in daylight. Configurable exception list (default: never disable campfires and hearths, for cooking and comfort purposes), enforceable server-side.
Last updated: a month ago