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BetterUI Reforged

Masa's BetterUI mod updated with bug fixes and new features

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2105 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2105


BetterUI: Reforged for Valheim

This mod updates the game UI with few subtle edits.
You are able to edit and select what updates you want to use.


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Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Changelog
  3. Installation
  4. FAQ
  5. Thanks


Add stats to the character select screen

  • Kills (if IG ever starts counting these)
  • Deaths
  • Crafts
  • Builds

Customizable Player HUD

  • Makes player HUD elements movemable
  • Custom Health, Food, Stamina, and Eitr bars that can be rotated and resized
  • Adjust text sizes

Customized Iventory Icons

  • Show item durability colors (green/yellow/orange/red) instead of white
  • Show item level in stars instead of numbers
  • Custom tooltips with more info
  • Adjustable Icon scale
  • Show all character stats when hovering the Shield icon

Customizable Skills

  • Adds XP level for your character
  • Custom Character level increase notification
  • Custom Skill dialog with more info
  • Notifications for all XP gains

Custom Hover Text

  • Fermentor, Cooking Stations, Bee hive, and plants shows either time remaining or % complete
  • Chests can show % filled, filled/total, or just filled

Custom Enemy HUD

  • Show Enemy level, stars, or both
  • Show enemy current/max health
  • Show alerted status by changing the name color
  • Show tamed creatures health bar as green
  • Show other players current/max health
  • Customize text size
  • Show your own character's health bar above your head
  • Boss current/max health
  • Change distance enemy HUD appears

Custom Map

  • Change map pin size



  • Fix for game version 0.217.14 (JuniorAndria)

Full Changelog:


r2Modman (recommended)

  1. Install r2modman
  2. Create a new profile
  3. Select 'Online' from the left nav
  4. Search for 'BetterUI' and download
  5. Click 'Start Modded'


If you are installing this manually, do the following (You will need Bepinex installed)

  1. Extract the archive into a folder. Do not extract into the game folder.
  2. Move the contents of plugins folder into <GameDirectory>\Bepinex\plugins.
  3. Run the game, it will generate automatically an configuration file into <GameDirectory>\Bepinex\config


How can I see the Epic Loot info when I hover over an item in my iventory?

  • In the config file, set showCustomTooltips = false

When I use the config manager to change the config values, nothing happens. Why not?

  • Some config values are not loaded in real time. You must log out and log back in to see the changes.

Can I hide the Yellow XP Bar at the bottom of the screen?

  • Yes you can. Check config for showCharacterXPBar and set it to false

Why are the star icons not showing on enemies anymore?

  • If you want the stars back, edit enemyLvlStyle in the config.
    • DefaultStars = vanilla stars only
    • PrefixLevelNumber = level number before name (Lvl 1 Greydwarf) with no stars
    • Both = stars & prefix

How to turn off a specific hover text edit?

  • You want to set the specific hover text option to Disabled.
  • Example: timeLeftStyleFermenter = Disabled

How do I edit the player HUD?

  • Press ESC to unlock cursor
  • F7 | Toggle editing mode
  • Mouse Left | Hold to Drag elements
  • Mouse Right | Toggle editing layer
  • Mouse Left + Mouse Wheel | Hold and scroll to Rotate Custom Bar
  • Left Ctrl + Mouse Left + Mouse Wheel | Hold to scale width and height equally
  • Left Ctrl + Mouse Left + Drag pointer left/right | Scale width
  • Left Ctrl + Mouse Left + Drag pointer up/down | Scale height

How do I reset the Custom HUD positions?

  • Clear out the value in the uiData field in the config


Thank you to all who have contributed to keeping this mod alive!

  • MKMasa
  • Goldenrevolver
  • Dayaleth
  • redseiko
  • nandryshak
  • MetricMike
  • BruceOfTheBow
  • phtnk
  • FelixReuthlinger
  • JuniorAndria