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Another dumb text mod

Simple text mod

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Tell R2API to enable the AssetPlus module

Preferred version: 1.0.0

This text mod i orginally made just for me and my friends, thought it was dumb and eventually decided to upload it. Everything in this pack was intentional (or at least thats what i want you to think).
This is still a simple language pack but you no longer need to replace your language folder, instead simply drop the folder into your plugins along with the AssetPlusRequest mod, should (hopefully) do the rest

Update 1.0.3
-My last update until the next RoR2 update. changed to support AssetPlus

Update 1.0.2
-Fixed another issue (this pack was originally made for me and my friends so i used to have their names in here, they have been taken out)

Update 1.0.1
-Fixed a bit of text that shown on lunar buyables

Available versions

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2020-2-6 1.0.3 1943 Install
2020-2-5 1.0.2 112 Install
2020-1-24 1.0.1 583 Install
2020-1-18 1.0.0 252 Install