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Infiltrator Fem Bandit

Work-in-progress. Adds a high-tech female assassin skin to bandit, now with a new pistol and better polish.

By Liamono
Last updated 3 months ago
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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9


Infiltrator Fem Bandit (beta)

Adds a sleek female assassin skin to bandit, now with refined weight paint and a futuristic pistol model based on concept art from X̌ͣ̀ (X̌ͣ̀#4820). Now you can feel like a real sci-fi assassin, sneak up behind enemies and assassinate them with a high-tech pistol lol. Will be updated for improvements.


  • pistol drawing by X̌ͣ̀ (X̌ͣ̀#4820):


  • Remove/hide the tiny brown cube. It's been bothering a lot of people and I promise it will be gone next update.
  • reshape/replace shotgun.
  • possibly recolor or modify head. It's not bad, but I think I can do better.
  • probably at least monsoon-textured version. Possibly monsoon mesh.


Send me feedback on discord plz (Liamono#1206). Especially if it isn't working or something.


  • 0.0.1: Added
  • 0.5.0: various
    -New pistol model, based on concept art from X̌ͣ̀. Way more suitable for the infiltrator than the default revolver imo, let me know what you think.
    -Modified head mesh to look a bit like a bandit mask.
    -improved weight paint on just about everything. BUT kept the fortnite bobbing to avoid screwing up the delicately weight-painted tubes. Plus it kinda fits the RoR2 theme.

Known Issues

  • There is a tiny brown floating cube. I'll definitely get rid of it or hide it next update lol.
  • Items won't be positioned/sized perfectly on the body when using the fem skin (duh). Don't worry, it's just cosmetic.
  • Some of the Bandit's meshes don't switch back when you switch to the vanilla skin, but like other similar cases, it's only a temporary bug and goes away as soon as you start a game or switch characters.

Available versions

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2021-5-27 0.5.0 7100 Version 0.5.0 Install
2021-4-20 0.0.1 4626 Version 0.0.1 Install