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Lost in Transit is a mod focused on restoring features lost from Risk of Rain 1, currently including items and elites.

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Utility, content and module classes used by members of Team Moonstorm

Preferred version: 0.2.1


Lost In Transit

Lost in Transit is a mod for Risk of Rain 2 that adapts content from Risk of Rain 1, intending to balance and redesign varying features in ways that preserve that best original identites while also respecting the balance and gameplay changes made in Risk of Rain 2.

In its current state, the mod is intended to be an adaptation over a pure port - some features may have changed function or identities for varying reasons. This is done to help players less familiar with Risk of Rain 1's content ease into it and keep things simple.

If you have any issues with the mod, any feedback you'd like to give, any ideas for new content, or would like to follow progress, you can either join the Lost in Transit Discord Server (https://discord.gg/jzxXsQEZ5y) or you can contact me on Discord (swuff★#2224) - shoot me a DM or ping me in a mutual server. The mod is in active development, so expect new features soon. And as a personal note: I'm still fairly new to modding, so expect issues.

Items / Equipment

Icon Item Description Rarity
Life Savings Keep 4% (+4% per stack) of gold between stages. Common
Mysterious Vial Regenerate an extra 0.8 (+0.8 per stack) hp per second. Common
Beckoning Cat Elite monsters have a 4.5% (+1.5% per stack) chance to drop items on death. Uncommon
Golden Gun Deal extra damage based on held gold, up to +40% damage (+20% per stack) at 600 gold (+300 per stack, scaling with time). Uncommon
Smart Shopper Monsters drop 25% (+25% per stack) more gold. Uncommon
Thallium 10% chance to inflict thallium poisoning for 500% (+250% per stack) of enemy's base damage and slow by 75%. Rare
Telescopic Sight Gain 10% critical chance. 10% (+10% per stack) chance for critical strikes to deal 5x damage. Rare
Gigantic Amethyst Reset skill cooldowns on use. Equipment


Elite Type Name Description Tier
Frenzying Increased attack and move speed. Periodically dash towards enemies at high speeds. 1
Leeching Damage dealt is returned as healing. Periodically heal nearby allies for a small amount of health. 1


  • Code - Nebby, swuff★
  • Art/Modelling/Animation - bruh, GEMO, LucidInceptor, SOM
  • Writing - BlimBlam, Lyrical Endymion, QandQuestion, swuff★, T_Dimensional
  • Additional support/special thanks - KevinFromHPCustomerService, KomradeSpectre, rob, xpcybic, /vm/



  • General
    • Added MoonstormSharedUtils as a dependency
  • Items
    • Beckoning Cat: Item drops off of slain enemy position rather than player position. Will reintroduce player position drop behavior in future config
    • Golden Gun: Added (Developer note: This item's scaling has been changed semi-significantly. In Risk of Rain 1, it capped at 700 gold, with stacks decreasing this capacity. In Lost in Transit, stacks increase the max damage output by +20% per, but also increase the cap by +300 gold per. Cap is also 600 gold for even math, no clue why Hopoo chose 700 - doesn't divide easily by 40. Anyway, yeah, lemme know how this feels.)
    • Gigantic Amethyst: Fixed networking
    • Guttural Whimpers: Updated icon
    • Life Savings: (Developer note: This item is currently not networked, and I want to get this update out sooner rather than later - I recommend disabling this item for multiplayer games)
    • Life Savings: Increased gold kept between stages from 2% to 4%
    • Mysterious Vial: Added level-based scaling to the regeneration e.g. Cautious Slug
    • Mysterious Vial: Increased from 0.4 regen to 0.8 regen (Developer note: This change, as well as Life Savings' balance change, won't take effect unless you either delete your old config or edit it yourself to reflect these changes. This is just the nature of how the config file currently works)
  • Elites
    • Frenzying: Added (Developer note: As a player, you have to press a key to activate the dash. By default, this is 'F', as to not conflict with Aspect Abilities)
    • Leeching: Leeching Elites now use a custom buff for their AoE that will always heal 10% and never more than 10%, and also doesn't stack. Hopefully they should feel a bit more tame, now
    • Leeching: Removed behaviors from 0.1.2 where boss monsters would take twice as long to regen, as well as longer cooldowns based on enemies affected


  • General
    • The mod works this time I swear


  • General
    • Fixed issue preventing the game from launching depending on the user's system localization
    • Disabling Leeching Elites no longer prevents the mod from loading
  • Items
    • Life Savings: Updated render
    • Smart Shopper: Updated materials & render
  • Elites
    • Leeching: Regen buff no longer stacks with itself
    • Leeching: The more monsters affected by a Leeching Elite's AoE, the longer the duration until the next AoE burst will be
    • Leeching: Boss monsters now take twice as long to fully regen off of a Leeching Elite's healing AoE


  • General
    • Updated manifest
    • Mod should actually work now... Oops


First ThunderStore release!

  • Items
    • Life Savings: No longer preserves any gold when travelling between Hidden Realms
    • Smart Shopper: Added


  • General
    • Added a proper .lang file to un-"Tower of Babel" the mod
  • Items
    • Life Savings: Added (Developer note: Another changed item. The original Life Savings worked fine in Risk of Rain 2, but felt extremely boring to play with. Instead of passive gold, the item now allows you to keep a small amount of your gold between stages. Hoping this makes the item much more desirable.)
  • Elites
    • Leeching: Reduced healing AoE from 256m to 20m. Oops


  • Elites
    • Turns out Leeching Elites weren't actually doing anything before - given an itemBehavior so they start doing stuff, now
    • Buffed the on-hit healing of Leeching Elites significantly (removed x0.25 multiplier)
    • Leeching Elites Now create a tracer to nearby monsters when healing them


  • General
    • Added FixPluginTypesSerialzation as a dependency
    • Fixed issue where mod wouldn't load without Aspect Abilities installed


Should probably start keeping track of version #'s - this is the first ThunderKit release, so let's start here.

  • Items
    • Beckoning Cat: Added (Developer note: This item was originally the "56 Leaf Clover" in Risk of Rain 1, but was changed due to the inclusion of "57 Leaf Clover" in Risk of Rain 2. To help prevent confusion betwen the two, the item was given a complete overhaul - may provide a config option to restore this into the 56 Leaf Clover if there's demand for it.)
    • Mysterious Vial: Added
    • Telescopic Sight: Added (Developer note: The original Telescopic Sight is widely considered an overpowered and unfun item. The current implementation instead offers players a 10% chance to quintuple their damage on crit. That said, I'm not happy with this implementation and am looking into alternatives that both better preserve the item's identity, and are more interesting to play with.)
    • Thallium: Added
  • Elites
    • Added Leeching Elites

Available versions

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2021-9-15 0.2.0 2225 Version 0.2.0 Install
2021-9-4 0.1.3 1524 Version 0.1.3 Install
2021-9-3 0.1.2 233 Version 0.1.2 Install
2021-9-3 0.1.1 159 Version 0.1.1 Install