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Helper library for making writing ConfigFiles and profile support easy

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Version 2.3.1
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Note: This project is not officially associated with BepInEx.

This BepInEx Extension library is a collection of various helper functionalities. As of now the current ready-to-use functions it includes are:

  • Configuration File Model

    > Simple, central place to make your configuration files and instantiate them. An up to date example can be found here: ExamplePlugin and ExampleModel

    > Designed to make BepInEx Configuration Files easy to write and instantiate.

    > Includes virtual methods and event hooks for easy customization of each variable in Pre and Post BepInEx.Configuration.ConfigFile.Bind() and for common ConfigFile events.

    > Migration/Profile Support: You can now change which ConfigFile a model is using live, including Migration hooks, with a simple, one-line command.

    > Allows you to create your own types/classes, just implement the interfaces and the rest will work.

Sample Usage:

public class ExampleModel : ConfigDataModel
    //You do not need to do every single different way here, it's just to show you the different ways it can be used. 
    //Pick the way that makes sense to you and just use that one.

    public ConfigData<float> ConfigOption1 = new ConfigData<float>()    //SIMPLE/Minimalist setup, using a field.
        DefaultValue = 100f,
        DescriptionString = "Hello"

    public ConfigData<float> ConfigOption2 { get; set; } = new ConfigData<float>()  
        Key = "Config_Variable_Name",                                   //OPTIONAL: This will be set to &#x27;Config_Variable_Name&#x27; in the config file. If not set by you, the default &#x27;Key&#x27; name is the variable&#x27;s name.
        DefaultValue = 10f,                                             //REQUIRED: Default value.
        DescriptionString = "I&#x27;m running out of flavor text",           //OPTIONAL: Description.
        AcceptableValues = new AcceptableValueRange<float>(0f, 50f)     //OPTIONAL: Acceptable values.

    public ConfigData<int> ConfigOption3;       //Nothing defined. This will be bound with the Type defaults.

    public override void SetDefaults()
        this.SectionName = "Example Section";   //Define your section name here. 

[BepInPlugin("dev.cdmtests", "CDM Tests", "0.0.0")]
public class ExamplePlugin : BaseUnityPlugin
    //NOTE: Before you read this, please take a look at the ExampleModel.cs file. The below will make a lot more sense if you do.
    ExampleModel model;

    void Awake()
        //NOTE: Before you read this, please take a look at the ExampleModel.cs file. The below will make a lot more sense if you do.
        model = Config.BindModel<ExampleModel>(Logger); //Initialized and ready to use.

        Logger.LogInfo($"ExamplePlugin: model init completed.");
        Logger.LogInfo($"ExamplePlugin: model.ConfigOption1={ model.ConfigOption1.Value }");

        model.ConfigOption2.Value = 20f;                                                              
        Logger.LogInfo($"ExamplePlugin: model.ConfigOption2={ (float) model.ConfigOption2 }");    //Explicit & implicit conversion is supported.

        Logger.LogInfo($"ExamplePlugin: model.ConfigOption3={ (int) model.ConfigOption3 }");    //All defaults. Value = 0.

        //Want to change config files for profile support?
        ConfigFile profile2 = new ConfigFile(System.IO.Path.Combine(Paths.BepInExConfigPath, "ExamplePlugin", "profile2"), true);

This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1