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The mod should prevent players from picking up items when they have significantly more than the player with the fewest items.

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Dependency string Mordrog-ForceItemsEqualShare-1.2.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, game API, detour library

Preferred version: 1.3.1


RoR2 mod - force all players to have similar amount of items per match

Mod will prevent players from picking items if they have significantly more items than the player with the fewest items.

How it works

Let's say a player tries to pick an item. The mod calculates the total costs of this player's inventory and finds the player with the lowest total inventory costs.
Now we take the difference between the costs of these inventory and see if it exceeds the threshold. If so, the player will not be able to pick the item.

Inventory Costs

Inventory costs are calculated by taking each item from the player's inventory, multiplying it by its tier cost, and then adding it to the rest of the inventory cost.


Threshold is calulcated by taking summed cost of inventory of player who is trying to pick item, multiplying it by ScaleItemsCostsDifference, and then checking whenever it falls between MinItemsCostsDifference and MaxItemsCostsDifference. If it does, then calulcated number is taken as thereshold, if not then min or max value are taken.

Share item

If player can't pick item, they can ping it and use interaction button (E on keyboard by default) to share it with player with lowest inventory costs

Default Config Settings

Setting Default Value
ScaleItemsCostsDifference 0.3
MinItemsCostsDifference 5
MaxItemsCostsDifference 15
WhiteItemsCost 1
GreenItemsCost 2
RedItemsCost 4
BossItemsCost 2
BlueItemsCost 0

Additional infos

Mod is ignored on maps:

  • Bazzar
  • Void
  • Moon

Items ignored in calulcation:

  • ArtifactKey
  • ExtraLifeConsumed
  • TitanGoldDuringTP
  • TonicAffliction
  • CaptainDefenseMatrix

Items ignored while picking up:

  • ArtifactKey
  • ExtraLifeConsumed
  • TitanGoldDuringTP
  • TonicAffliction
  • CaptainDefenseMatrix
  • ScrapWhite
  • ScrapGreen
  • ScrapRed
  • ScrapYellow



  • Added abbility to share item with player who have lowest inventory costs via ping + interaction
  • Rebalanced default config after adding above option
  • Added Moon to ignored map list


  • Rebalanced default config values to allow better players to get more items late game
  • Added chat messages for players who tries to pick item when they have too many of them

Available versions

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2020-9-28 1.2.0 492 Install
2020-9-24 1.1.0 147 Install
2020-9-22 1.0.1 81 Install
2020-9-22 1.0.0 22 Install