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Adds a variant of DnD's Wild Magic mechanic to Risk of Rain 2.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 2.0.0

Wild Magic

Channel your inner sorcerer and add a small chance to unleash 1 of 30 random wild magic effects when you damage an enemy!
Buff yourself! Become a ghost! Probably other things!

Consult the included config to adjust Wild Magic's proc rate.


  • Copy ~WildMagic.dll to your BepInEx plugins folder


1.0.0-First version.

1.0.1-Made message popup global in multiplayer, minor bug fixes.

1.1.0-Added 5 new effects and made the fire trail effect slightly less annoying.

1.1.1-Added health decay to charmed enemies to avoid charmed teleporter bosses softlocking the run.

1.1.2-Reworked or fixed several effects which didn't work properly for client players in multiplayer and made some internal improvements.

1.1.3-Changed haunt to be more predictable, added config option to disable spite (death bombs), and added bandit to random survivor pool if host has it unlocked.

1.1.4-Made charm more consistent, fire trail and flight reworked. Effects which don't affect clients at all (Just 2 now I think?) only roll for host. Minor stability fixes.

1.1.5-Charm effect should no longer softlock runs when affecting teleporter bosses, for real this time.

1.1.6-Updated for Scorched Acres.

1.1.7-Fixed critical error preventing wild magic procs.

Available versions

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2019-7-28 1.1.7 1010 Install
2019-7-28 1.1.6 94 Install
2019-6-23 1.1.5 651 Install
2019-5-16 1.1.4 801 Install
2019-5-13 1.1.3 278 Install
2019-5-12 1.1.2 185 Install
2019-5-10 1.1.1 212 Install
2019-5-9 1.1.0 144 Install
2019-5-8 1.0.1 178 Install
2019-5-8 1.0.0 85 Install