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Adds a variety of items.

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A Risk of Rain 2 Mod that adds a variety of items.

Uncommon Items

> Know Thy Enemy: Enemies with the same elite affix as you take massive damage.

Enemy Items

Enemy items are special yellow items that have a chance to drop from various monsters. Think of them as boss items but for individual enemies.

> Worker's Bond (Beetle): Having allies nearby boosts regen.

> Abandoned Wisp (Lesser Wisp): Summon a Little Wisp on kill.

> Frayed Tentacle (Jellyfish): Chance on hit to tether yourself to an enemy, dealing damage over time.

> Mourning Geode (Stone Golem): Gain a burst of armor and regen on kill.

> Imp's Eye (Imp): Bleeding now lowers armor and movement speed.

> Frenzied Tarbine (Clay Templar): Striking enemies rapidly also hits them with a barrage of Tar bullets.

> Bighorn Buckler (Bighorn Bison): Damage enemies by dashing into them.

> Living Furnace (Elder Lemurian): Chance on hit to ignite enemies.

> Null Seed (Void Reaver): Annihilate all nearby characters on kill. Recharges after 30 seconds.

Change Log

Changes marked with "-" are general balance changes. Changes marked with "*" are bugfixes.

Version 0.0.7
- Properly invokes Language API, allowing for the mod to function on its own
- Frayed Tentacle*:
    - Tethers now adhere to the tether radius and break if their owner goes too far from the target.
    - Tethers no longer linger on dead targets.
    - Tick Rate: 0.1 -> 0.25
    - Tether Radius: 200 -> 65; Frayed Tentacles tethers were never meant to be a long-ranged source of damage. As
    such, theyve been adjusted to something a bit more reasonable - more like Tesla Coils AOE radius.
* Some of these changes may not come into effect, due to the config files created by this mod. Remember to reset the 
values in your config if you want the latest balance changes!

Version 0.0.6
- Fixed Void Fields not spawning any items upon completing a round
- Fixed Mourning Geode raising exceptions on kill
- Adjusted position of Bighorn Buckler's hitbox so larger characters like Acrid can use it

Version 0.0.5
- Added configuration files
    - With the config, you can now edit variables for almost everything in the mod. Namely, enemy item drop rates!
- Reverted enemy item drop rates; enemy item drop rates are now static, as they were upon the mod's initial release.
- All enemy item drop rates:
    - [Varied by enemy] -> 0.1%
    - Keep in mind that enemy item drop rates are now changable through the mod's config file.
- Know Thy Enemy:
    - Now grants a 15% chance on kill to steal a slain elite's aspect for 5 seconds.
    - Damage Multiplier: 300% -> 175%; this is to compensate for Know Thy Enemy's new effect. The multiplier is 
    still exponential, but hopefully this'll make it a bit more balanced. That is, if you don't change it in the

Version 0.0.4
- Added new uncommon item: Know Thy Enemy
- Reverted drop chances for ALL enemy items. Hopefully Worker's Bonds and Abandoned Wisps will be a bit harder to find.

Version 0.0.3
- Added new enemy item: Abandoned Wisp
     - Drops from Lesser Wisps
- Added new character: Little Wisp
- Added director-influenced drop modifiers; this affects the drop chances of enemy items the later into your run. For example,
Abandoned Wisp has a modifier of 5.5. This means that it recieves a bonus to its drop chance based on the difficulty, and this bonus
is then increased by the 5.5 times modifer. Hopefully this should make the enemy items a bit more accessible.
- Reduced size of Mourning Geode's display particles
- Overgrown Printers can no longer roll Null Seed; drop chance increased to make up for scarcity
- Changed Item Drop Chances:
    - Worker's Bond: 0.1% -> 0.25%
    - Abandoned Wisp: N/A -> 0.5%
    - Frayed Tentacle: 0.1% -> 0.3%
    - Mourning Geode: 0.1% -> 0.15%
    - Imp's Eye: 0.1% -> 0.15%
    - Frenzied Tarbine: 0.1% -> 0.12%
    - Bighorn Buckler: 0.1% -> 0.2%
    - Null Seed: 0.1% -> 1%
- Cooldowns for Bighorn Buckler and Null Seed are properly displayed
* ACTUALLY fixed infinite explosion bug (hopefully)

Version 0.0.2
- Added changelog
- Stacking Null Seed no longer increases AOE radius
- Rebalanced Mourning Geode to make it worth its rarity; Mourning Geode was initially designed as a standard White item, 
and had the stats to match. I felt that since it's a bit harder to get now, it deserved a bit more punch.
     - Initial Buff Duration: 1 second -> 1.5 seconds
     - Stacking Buff Duration: +0.25 seconds -> +0.3 seconds
     - Initial Armor Buff: 10 -> 25
     - Stacking Armor Buff: +5 -> +10
     - Initial Regeneration Buff: +35% -> +85%
     - Stacking Regeneration Buff: +15% -> +35%
- Imp's Eye:
     - Initial Armor Debuff: 5 -> 10
* Fixed Frayed Tentacle causing explosive attacks to loop infinitely (?)

Version 0.0.1
- Initial Release

Available versions

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