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Mario and Luigi Soundtrack

A complete replacement of the music with tracks from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Paper Jam, and more.

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Replaces the Risk of Rain 2 Soundtrack with various tracks from the Mario & Luigi series with an emphasis on Dream Team and Paper Jam in particular. Shoutout to @Kyle who designed the OriginalSoundTrack mod and @Lacirev who made a phenomenal Persona 5 Soundtrack Mod which I shamelessly referrenced/copied to learn how and make this mod function.

The default volume is 0.6 but this can be changed in the settings.xml file where the mod is installed. The volume ranges are from 0.01 to 1

Song list

Key: (SS)-SuperStar Saga + Bowser's Minions, (PiT)-Partners In Time, (BiS)-Bowser's Inside Story, (DT)-Dream Team, (PJ)-Paper Jam

-Song Titles marked with "*" are 15-18 minute medleys of various tracks throughout the series, some of which aren't featured in a normal run! Try Simulacrum to hear the full mixes!


  • Loading: Steel Yourself (PJ)
  • Splash: Joyous Occasion! (DT)
  • Intro: Pi'illo Vacation! (DT)
  • Outro: Pi'illo Vacation! (DT)
  • Title: Start of the Adventure (PJ)
  • Lobby: File Select (SS), Travel Journal (DT), Go With The Bros. (DT)
  • Logbook: Travel Journal (DT), Go With The Bros. (DT)
  • Eclipse Menu: Dreambeats/Dream's Forbidden Depths Mix (DT)
  • Prismatic Trials Menu: Dreambeats/Dream's Forbidden Depths Mix (DT)
  • Simulacrum Menu: Dreambeats/Dream's Forbidden Depths Mix (DT)
  • Bazaar: Peach's Castle (SS), Peach's Castle (DT), Peach's Castle (PJ)


  • Distant Roost: Shopping In Wakeport/Dreamy Wakeport Repose Mix, Sunny Driftwood Shore/Dreamy Driftwood Meeting Mix
  • Titantic Plains: Grasslands Mix* (PiT)/(BiS)/(DT)/(PJ)
  • Siphoned Forest: Mountaintop Secrets (PJ)
  • Wetland Aspect: Holding Hands in the Darkness (PJ)
  • Abandoned Aqueduct: Desert Mix* (SS)/(
  • Aphelian Sanctuary: Castle Mix* (DT)/(PJ)
  • Rallypoint Delta: Snow Mix* (DT)/(PJ)
  • Scorched Acres: Forest Fairy Melody (PJ)
  • Sulfur Pools: Beneath Pi'illo Castle (DT)
  • Abyssal Depths: Bowser's Castle/Cave Mix* (P5)
  • Siren's Call: The Law of Pajamaja/Rules On Dreamy Mountain Mix (DT)
  • Sundered Grove: Sacred Somnom Woods/Dreamy Somnom Labyrinth Mix (DT)
  • Sky Meadow: Penultimate Mix* (BiS)/(DT)/(PJ)
  • Commencement: Final Area Mix (DT)/(PJ)

Hidden Stages:

  • Bulwark's Ambry: Neo Bowser Castle's Illusion/Bowser's Dream Mix (DT)
  • Void Fields: Neo Bowser Castle's Illusion/Bowser's Dream Mix (DT)
  • A Moment, Fractured: Mysteries of the Cave (DT)
  • A Moment, Whole: The Final Antasma Battle (DT)
  • Gilded Coast: Stand and Fight, Luigi!/Size Up Your Enemy Mix (DT)
  • Void Locus: Neo Bowser Castle's Illusion/Bowser's Dream Mix (DT)


  • Stage 1: Come On! (SS), Try, Try Again (DT)
  • Stage 2: Mixed-Up Scramble (PJ)
  • Stage 3: Victory in the Dream World (DT), Try, Try Again (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
  • Stage 4: Big Bang! (PJ)
  • Stage 5: Never Let Up! (DT)
  • Mithrix: Final Boss Mix (DT)/(PJ)

Hidden Stage Bosses:

  • A Moment, Whole Boss: The Final Antasma Battle (DT)
  • Gilded Coast Boss: Stand and Fight, Luigi!/Size Up Your Enemy Mix (DT)
  • The Planetarium Boss: The Final Antasma Battle (DT)


  • Simulacrum Titanic Plains - Grasslands/Battle Mix* (DT)/(PJ)/(BiS)
  • Simulacrum Abandoned Aqueduct - Desert/Tropical Beach Mix* (SS)/(PiT)/(BiS)/(DT)/(PJ)
  • Simulacrum Aphelian Sanctuary - Castle/Battle Mix* (SS)/(DT)
  • Simulacrum Rallypoint Delta - Snow/Giant Battle Mix* (DT)/(PJ)
  • Simulacrum Abyssal Depths - Cave/Boss Battle Mix* (SS)/(BiS)/(DT)/(PJ)
  • Simulacrum Sky Meadow - Penultimate Mix 2* (BiS)/(DT)/(PJ)
  • Simulacrum Commencement - Final Area/Final Boss Mix* (SS)/(BiS)/(DT)/(PJ)



  • Fixed Abyssal Depths playing the wrong music [1.1.0]
  • Added a real README
  • Added several new music tracks
  • Added a new boss theme for Stage 1 and Stage 3 each
  • Changed Titanic Plains, Abandoned Aquaduct, Aphelian Sanctuary, Rallypoint Delta, Abyssal Depths, Sky Meadow, and Commencement's music loops into 15-18 minute long medleys to add variety, but more importantly provide the player with a "playlist" of songs to listen to while playing Simulacrum Mode or if a stage is just taking particularily long
  • Re-edited the original Simulacrum stages' 15-18 minute medleys to mitigate repetivity while playing
  • Added silence to the end of the track for the Splash screen so it wouldn't loop


  • Launch


When applicable, assume stuff is under the MIT licence ( ) I am not liable for any damages and there is no warranty etc...

Available versions

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