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Pepper Artificer

A skin mod for Artificer that makes her into a strange creature. Includes 3 variants.

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This skin mod makes Artificer into a character named Pepper. It casts spells and flies around! This mod currently has 3 variants. A soft pastel base look, a red mage vibe, and a confused swirly-eyed anomaly.

The model is an entirely original asset.

Conjured Drive

"Transmutation." the creature began, its voice chiming ove the lecture hall's air like a silver bell. "The modification of energy and matter. Long thought 'magical' in nature, we now understand the dynamism of our world. Nothing is fixed, and no river flows backwards. That is, without an adequate agent of change."

Pepper believes to its core that it was once human, or something similar. It has foggy memories of the time prior to being the creature that it is now and sorely wishes to undo the curse put upon it. The power of creation, and the power to alter life itself.. Living Gods. That's what dwells on this planet, isn't it?


I recommend getting R2modman.

To install manually, follow these instructions:

  1. Download & install BepInExPack

  2. Extract the .dll file into the \Risk of Rain 2\BepInEx\plugins folder

  3. All good to go!

Known Issues

No known issues exist.


My twitch is SussyBnuuy and my discord is (Sussy Rabbit#0560).

Feel free to reach out to me!


1.0.0 Initial Release

Available versions

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