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Replaces Risk Of Rain 2 soundtrack with 80s Detective music according to me.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9


Replaces "Risk Of Rain 2" soundtrack with "Synth 80's Detective" music.

Made possible by Kyle.


  • Betamaxx Redlining 6th
  • Beverly Hills Cop Main Theme
  • Bill Kiley Sneaky Driver
  • Bill Kiley You Will Never Know
  • Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero Quixotic Remix
  • Brigador Killers OST Annihilation Makeup and Vanity Set
  • Brigador Killers OST Fluids Makeup and Vanity Set
  • Brigador Killers OST Kill Norman Osberger Makeup and Vanity Set
  • Brigador Killers OST Smile For The Camera Makeup and Vanity Set
  • Carpenter Brut Hairspray Hurricane
  • Carpenter Brut Inferno Galore Dark Synthwave AMV
  • Carpenter Brut Le perv
  • Carpenter Brut Leather Teeth
  • Carpenter Brut Maniac
  • Carpenter Brut Turbo Killer
  • Carpenter Brut Youre mine
  • Chinatown
  • Cobra Trailer
  • Dan Terminus Digital Onslaught
  • Dan Terminus Restless Destroyer
  • DANCE WITH THE DEAD Kickstart My Heart Remix
  • Dance with the Dead That House
  • Dance with the Dead The Man Who Made a Monster
  • Dance With the Dead Waves
  • Daniel Deluxe Air
  • Daniel Deluxe Blood and Steel
  • Dark 80s Synth Music Vae Victis
  • Dark Synthwave Music Devour
  • DJ Electrohead Hit the Floor
  • DrDisRespect Gillette by 199X
  • Duran Duran Hungry Like the Wolf 2009 Remaster
  • Hall and Oates Out of Touch
  • Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number Soundtrack Future Club
  • Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number Soundtrack Roller Mobster
  • Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number Soundtrack Sexualizer
  • Hotline Miami Soundtrack Crystals
  • Isidor Children of Cyberpunk Dark Synthwave Cyberpunk
  • Karl Casey Eternal Night
  • Kung Fury Arcade machine fight scene music
  • KUNG FURY Official Trailer HD
  • Lazerhawk Distress Signal
  • Lazerhawk Electric Groove
  • Lazerhawk Interstellar
  • Lazerhawk Overdrive
  • Lethal Weapon 1987 Official Trailer Mel Gibson Danny Glover Action Movie HD
  • LudoWic Katana Zero
  • LudoWic Overdose
  • MADES Return
  • Marvel Roller Coaster
  • Marvel83 Lost Highway
  • Marvel83 Synthetic Nights
  • Marvel83 Things To Remember
  • Max Brhon Cyberpunk NCS Release
  • MGMT Little Dark Age
  • MIAMI NIGHTS 1984 New Tomorrow
  • Miami Nights 1984 Sunset Cruise
  • Mitch Murder Arrival
  • Mitch Murder Before the Storm
  • Mitch Murder Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Mitch Murder Enter The Fury
  • Mitch Murder Frantic Aerobics
  • Mitch Murder From The Future
  • Mitch Murder In The Fast Lane
  • Mitch Murder Kung Fury
  • Mitch Murder Looking Back
  • Mitch Murder Power Move
  • Mitch Murder Presents
  • Mitch Murder Saturdays
  • Mitch Murder The Final Stretch
  • MOON Hydrogen
  • NightStalker
  • Perturbator and Dynatron Volcanic Machinery
  • Perturbator Feat Noir Deco Technoir
  • Push It To The Limit Paul Engemann
  • Reeson Anubis
  • RunSallyRun
  • Scandroid NeoTokyo Dance With The Dead Remix
  • Stan Bush Dare
  • Stan Bush The Touch
  • Start the game
  • SYNTHETIK Legion Rising OST Cyberpunk Combat 1
  • SYNTHETIK Legion Rising OST Cyberpunk Combat 2
  • SYNTHETIK Legion Rising OST Cyberpunk Intro
  • SYNTHETIK Legion Rising OST Hypernoma
  • SYNTHETIK Legion Rising OST Music Main Menu
  • The Dead Pool Theatrical Trailer
  • The Enigma TNG Egyptian Night Club
  • The Forest Original Game Soundtrack Cassette 8
  • Timecop1983 On the Run
  • VolkorTheBomb
  • Waveshaper Wisdom of Rage
  • We Are Magonia Satanic Worship
  • We Are Magonia Terror
  • Wice Star Fighter

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