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Changes each difficulty to boys. Thank you modding discord for making this joke even better.

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This mod just changes each difficulty to be the word boys, with increasing caps usage and an exclamation mark
This was purely a joke and it's really only on here to conveinently download, and maybe have other people have it if they want

Thank you

This is gonna be the last update as far as i'm concerned for now
Thanks to the people on the modding discord for having fun with this joke
It made it even better than it was already seeing people go along and enjoy it
For this one i just toned it down with less exclamation marks. It repeats more, but is less dumb than it was last time
I'm thinking of also making a Boys Lite to just do the HAHAHA difficulty like it was originally, but otherwise there's not a lot else to do with this
Maybe I'll do some skins or another, bigger text mod, but otherwise that's gonna be about it
See ya

also why did everyone download this so much i don't get it

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2020-7-26 1.1.1 195 bundles-Boys-1.1.1.zip Install
2020-7-16 1.1.0 164 bundles-Boys-1.1.0.zip Install
2020-7-15 1.0.1 49 bundles-Boys-1.0.1.zip Install
2020-7-15 1.0.0 34 bundles-Boys-1.0.0.zip Install