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When one player in the lobby picks up a lunar coin, each player in the lobby will receive one. No more hate and envy against the person who grabs them the quickest. Change Lunar Coin shared and unshared amount via config.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-2.0.0 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 2.0.0
tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.1.16 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.1.16


**Main Function:**
║When one player in the lobby picks up a Lunar Coin, each player in the║ 
║lobby will receive a Lunar Coin.                                      ║
║                                                                      ║                                 
║No more hate and envy against the person who grabs them the quickest. ║                                                                

**Secondary Functions:**
║Change the Lunar Coin amount that each player receives when a Lunar Coin gets picked up.║
║Change the Lunar Coin amount that the person who picks up the Lunar Coin receives       ║
║(The shared and unshared amount of Lunar Coins stack, so the unshared part just gives   ║
║extra Lunar Coins to the player who picks up the Lunar Coin)                            ║             

Working in singleplayer and multiplayer
Fully configurable via config file.


To change values in the config you have to start the game once with
the .dll inserted so the config file gets generated.



Drop the LunarCoinShareOnPickup.dll into \BepInEx\Plugins\


To report bugs pls message me via the offical modding discord.
My username is dan8991iel.


v 2.0.1
    Checked and approved for compatibility with the newest version of RoR2
v 2.0.0
    Fixed a bug which stopped players from picking up lunar coins if another player is dead.
    Updated the dependencies in the manifest
v 1.5.0 
        Config to change the Lunar Coin shared and unshared amount.
v 1.0.0

Available versions

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2019-10-5 2.0.1 1540 dan8991iel-LunarCoinShareOnPickup-2.0.1.zip Install
2019-7-23 2.0.0 5590 dan8991iel-LunarCoinShareOnPickup-2.0.0.zip Install
2019-5-14 1.5.0 5753 dan8991iel-LunarCoinShareOnPickup-1.5.0.zip Install
2019-5-13 1.0.0 297 dan8991iel-LunarCoinShareOnPickup-1.0.0.zip Install