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A simple and easy to use mod manager for Risk of Rain 2

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Regarding Auto Updating

Updates in r2modmanPlus are now handled in the background. Leave the manager running for a minute or two, and you'll be notified that an update is ready to install.

If you're coming from versions prior to 3.0.0, you'll need to manually update, and profiles won't carry across.


  1. Click "Manual Download" on Thunderstore.
  2. Inside the downloaded ZIP file. Run the "r2modman Setup X.X.X.exe" (where X represents the version number).
  3. Follow the installer steps.
    • Installing to the Risk of Rain 2 folder will cause problems. DO NOT DO THIS. It's an application, not a mod.

Latest Updates


  • Fixed "Install with Mod Manager" support.
  • Deleted config files now live-update.


  • Dark theme!
  • Improved download progress.
  • Better modpack support.
  • Visual fix for sorting buttons.
  • Other fixes.


  • Delete configs in editor.
  • Profile importing shows progress.
  • Version number when clicked takes you to that mod's version page.
  • Download progress has been rounded, no more recurring numbers.


Mention me on Discord via the Thunderstore server. @Ebkr#3660.

You could also view the wiki for any common errors.

If I'm not free, there's a high chance that someone else will be readily available to help!


Installed mod view

Downloadable mods

Dark theme

Config editor


Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2020-4-3 3.0.12 1396 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.12.zip Install
2020-4-1 3.0.11 1583 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.11.zip Install
2020-3-20 3.0.10 1941 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.10.zip Install
2020-3-7 3.0.9 1817 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.9.zip Install
2020-3-1 3.0.8 710 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.8.zip Install
2020-2-5 3.0.7 2047 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.7.zip Install
2020-1-29 3.0.6 700 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.6.zip Install
2020-1-26 3.0.5 535 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.5.zip Install
2020-1-22 3.0.4 481 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.4.zip Install
2020-1-21 3.0.3 198 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.3.zip Install
2020-1-20 3.0.2 237 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.2.zip Install
2020-1-19 3.0.1 264 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.1.zip Install
2020-1-19 3.0.0 129 ebkr-r2modman-3.0.0.zip Install
2019-10-27 2.1.1 2498 ebkr-r2modman-2.1.1.zip Install