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Avoid Getting 1 Shot

By peat859
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  • Helps avoid the problem of getting one shot by random mechanics as difficutly gets higher
  • Stagger turns damage you take into a dot that ticks 5 times over 4 seconds
  • This allows games to turn into being overwhelmed by enemies instead of dying to one shots
  • This addon definitley makes the game easier so you might want to increase difficulty to compensate
  • You can configure how many times the dot ticks and how frequently in the configuration
  • The default setup is one initial tick for 1/6 of the damage you would take, and then 5 hits for 1/6 of the damage over a 4 second window.
  • The fraction of upfront damage taken is 1/(numHits + 1), and this is the only damage that can kill you
  • The addon compensates for repulsion armor plating by dividing it's effectiveness by the number of stagger ticks
  • If you use a damage immunity, the damage you would have taken is still added to your stagger
  • However, you can immune or reduce the damage taken from your stagger dots with DRs and defensives

- Drag the folder into your BepInEx/Plugins folder

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