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Adds a fully custom Paladin survivor (model by Zenta). Now with complete item displays!

Date uploaded 4 months ago
Version 1.2.6
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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
tristanmcpherson-R2API-3.0.13 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.13



  • Adds the Paladin, a fully custom playable survivor with a powerful greatsword and various spells in his arsenal
  • Fully multiplayer compatible
  • Has some unlockable skins and alt skills

join the discord to share feedback/bugs-
feel free to ping/dm me with all your complaints- @rob#2365


The Paladin is a tanky melee hybrid survivor who uses a combination of powerful melee attacks and long range spells. Writing these descriptions is time consuming so just try the character out for yourself and find out what works.

Known Issues

  • Drip skin has unintentional bling!!


rob - Coding, animation
Zenta - Model
bruh - Drip skin
SalvadorBunny - Minecraft skin
OK - Skill icons
Jame - Made the original concept
TheTimesweeper - Helped with sword smear
KomradeSpectre - Helped get the Torpor debuff visuals working
Dragonyck - Made the awesome Dark Souls skin pack that forced me to add support for custom skin VFX
SkeletorChampion - Concept art
And thanks to everyone else for providing tons of valuable feedback, the mod wouldn't be the same without it

Minecraft Skin

Custom Paladin Minecraft skin by SalvadorBunny, free for anyone to use!

Future Plans

  • More unlockable skills and skins
  • Custom enemy to replace the Chimeras in Mithrix's second phase
  • Skills++ support


A bit of concept art made by some talented artists, give them some love-

Clay skin by SkeletorChampion

Nemesis Paladin by SkeletorChampion

Berserk skin by Draymarc


- Fixed item displays
- Slowed down grounded Spinning Strike animation, increased lunge distance

- Fixed modded item displays
- Tweaked Lunar and Clay skin
- Tweaked walk and jump animations
- Added new grounded Spinning Slash animation
- Increased grounded Spinning Slash slow, added a small forward lunge
- Lowered Sacred Oath cast time from 2.5s to 2s

- Fixed incompatibility with Dark Souls skins

- Sacred Oath now gives attack speed rather than armor
- Tweaked Minecraft skin rig and added new sword(1.2.1 change, forgot to list)
- Fixed The Backup item display
- Massive backend refactor to make things easier to understand/work with and simplify character creation as well as support multiple character additions- hopefully should serve as a solid example for learning character creation now

- Fixed Quickstep animation

- Updated Sunlight Spear animation
- Tweaked sprint animation
- Added Point Down emote(bound to 3 by default)
- Added lots of new VFX for Dragonyck's Dark Souls skins
- Made Paladin properly hold Tri-Tip and Shattering Justice when acquired
- Fixed some item displays

- Finished item displays, including support for certain mods- Aetherium, SupplyDrop and SivsItems
- Updated all spell effects
- Lowered the effectiveness of attack speed on aerial Spinning Slash to 25% to stop attack speed from hindering your mobility
- Fixed bugs with permanent Dark Souls shields
- Rewrote Oath of Silence's projectile destruction, fixing performance issues
- Rewrote skin VFX system to make it easier to maintain and support new skins as well as prevent bugs caused by disabling skins

- Fixed sword beam damage

- Added a new skin- big thanks to SalvadorBunny for his amazing work on it!

- Fixed the new skin stealing the drip emote
- Reverted Quickstep sprint behavior as it wasn't well received at all

- Added a new skin
- Added custom passive lightning for certain Dark Souls skins
- Added Quickstep effects
- Quickstep no longer forces a sprint(last fix didn't work)
- Heavily buffed Sacred Oath(radius, stats, duration, etc don't remember it all)

- Fixed Sacred Sunlight bug
- Fixed Scepter upgrades not actually casting the upgraded spells

- Added unlock challenges for alt skills
- Added a new special, Sacred Oath- a channeled spell that grants +30% damage and +50 armor for a short time
- Removed the armor buff from Sacred Sunlight
- Lowered Sacred Sunlight barrier per tick from 1.5% back to 1%
- Lowered Quickstep barrier amount from 15% to 10%
- Quickstep no longer forces sprint
- Renamed Heal to Replenish
- Lowered Replenish barrier amount from 20% to 10%
- Added Ancient Scepter upgrades for all specials, adjusted VFX
- Hallowed Sunlight: Heal amount +100%, radius +50%, barrier +50%
- Oath of Silence: Slow amount 60% > 80%, now destroys projectiles
- Sacred Oath (Scepter): Damage buff +100%, armor buff +100%, radius +50%
- Tweaked cloth to be a little less rigid
- Removed all reflection from code, should improve performance
- Actually fixed jiggly items
- Did not add stat config

- Fixed kills from Vow of Silence not granting kill gold
- Spells now apply one tick of their effect instantly when casted
- Tweaked bat SFX/VFX
- Tweaked walk animation
- Added custom emote for Drip skin
- Added shield for Havel skin, fixed some mismatched VFX
- Added a couple more item displays

- Tweaked Lunar Shard aim some more
- Added cape to N'kuhana skin, tweaked various other things
- Adjusted spell VFX
- Added custom Aegis displays for Dragonyck's Dark Souls skins
- Added custom red VFX for Pursuer skin
- Added config option for disabling item displays

- Added a new skin
- Added some spell VFX
- Added spawn animation
- Tweaked animations some more, this time focusing mainly on the awkward cape movement
- Consecutive aerial Spinning Slashes now stack up damage if nothing is hit, consuming all stacked damage on first enemy hit
- Rewrote Quickstep for the 3rd(4th?) time- this should solve all issues with inconsistent movement
- Quickstep no longer counts as a combat skill

- Tweaked some animations, right arm should no longer be weird with custom skins
- Smoothed out primary transitions
- Lunar Shard aim adjusted
- Aiming spells no longer hides the crosshair
- Added some sounds
- Added a 1.5s channel time to Sacred Sunlight before it can be cast
- Sacred Sunlight barrier per tick increased from 1% to 1.5%
- Sacred Sunlight duration increased from 10s to 12s
- Sacred Sunlight cooldown lowered from 24s to 18s
- Added a 2s channel time to Vow of Silence before it can be cast
- Vow of Silence slow strength increased from 60% to 80%
- Vow of Silence duration increased from 8s to 10s
- Vow of Silence cooldown lowered from 24s to 18s
- Added a visual effect for Torpor
- Added a couple more item displays

- Added a handful of item displays
- Fixed passive not activating at all with shields

- Shields are now counted for passive activation
- Passive description now properly states the threshold of 90%(was changed previously but description was never updated to match)
- Base armor lowered from 15 to 10
- Base health regen lowered from 2.5/s to 1.5/s
- Primary damage lowered from 375% to 350%
- Sunlight Spear max damage lowered from 1200% to 1000%
- Lunar Shard damage increased from 200% to 225%
- Quickstep barrier lowered from 20% to 15%
- Heal radius increased from 12m to 16m
- Heal amount lowered from 20% to 10%
- Heal now grants 20% barrier
- Sacred Sunlight radius increased from 14m to 16m
- Sacred Sunlight armor buff lowered from 10 to 5
- Sacred Sunlight barrier per tick lowered from 1.5% to 1%
- Sacred Sunlight duration increased to 10 seconds
- Fixed skin VFX system breaking with certain skins

- Added custom VFX for skins- this includes support for Dragonyck's Dark Souls skins, check that out if you haven't already
- Tweaked some textures and skill icons
- Made sword glow in character select
- Fixed slight stutters whenever an enemy spawns
- Fixed rest emote not being networked properly
- Fixed global swing sounds

- Huge overhaul!!
- Updated model and animations, all remade from the ground up! (model by Zenta)
- Updated a lot of VFX
- Added custom sounds
- Added ragdoll
- All hitboxes greatly improved
- Lowered base damage from 14 to 13
- Lowered primary damage to 375%, removed passive bonus damage because the sword beam already increases damage if you hit both so it was redundant
- Increased primary sword beam damage to 300%
- Increased primary base duration
- Grounded Spinning Slash range greatly increased
- Aerial Spinning Slash can now cancel into itself with backup mags
- Aerial Spinning Slash passive bonus damage removed- now fires a shockwave upon landing for 300% damage
- Sunlight spear no longer pierces, now explodes on impact
- Spellcasts no longer have a weird lingering duration that prevents you from doing anything
- Made some changes to emotes- 1 by default is now a rest emote, Praise the Sun moved over to 2 default, Point Down not yet reimplemented, more planned
- Fixed a skin being unlocked seemingly at random- was actually whenever a Malachite elite spawned
- Removed Hunter skin for now- expect it back at some point
- Item displays out for now- will be added back over time, but had to be trashed due to the new model(good thing I never put in the hours to add all of them before this)
- A bunch of other changes that I probably missed

- Base damage/growth lowered to 14/2.8
- Fixed Phase Round Lightning applying on sword beams
- Buffed Lunar Shard damage to 200%, adjusted cooldown mechanics
- Lunar Shard animation cancel somewhat restored
- Fixed torpor not grounding enemies,, enjoy slamming vagrants into the ground
- Increased Vow of Silence radius
- Made spells castable on enemies

- Torpor change may not have been networked, fixed that

- Updated character portrait
- Updated skins
- Improved melee hitboxes
- Passive now activates with barrier as well as >80% health
- Increased base damage/growth from 12/2.4 to 15/3
- Lowered empowered primary damage from 600% to 500% to compensate for base damage buff
- Tweaked aerial Spinning Slash movement to help with flying enemies
- Fixed Lunar Shards animation cancelling and nerfed damage
- Increased Quickstep barrier amount from 15% to 20%, increased base dash distance
- Cleaned up Quickstep visuals
- Torpor now grounds enemies- slow harshly nerfed to compensate
- Vow of Silence visual is now red, still placeholder, but different enough to prevent confusion

- Tweaked sword color
- Fixed sword hitboxes
- Added a new secondary, Lunar Shards
- Tweaked aerial Spinning Slash some more
- Rewrote Quickstep, added an extra charge(animations in progress)

- Tweaked aerial Spinning Slash movement
- Removed air dashes, Quickstep now always functions the same

- All skins now have cloth
- Minor animation update
- Added a new skin
- Lowered armor per level to 1
- Big gameplay overhaul, aiming to make him overall more interactive and better support melee playstyles


  • Divine Blade
    -- Lowered base duration from 1.3s to 1s
    -- Lowered base damage from 450% to 400%(buffed damage unchanged)
    -- Buffed sword beam damage from 225% to 300%, increased range/speed/hitbox size, updated VFX, added keyword
    -- Adjusted hitstop duration
    -- Updated icon


  • Sunlight Spear
    -- Damage changed from 100%-2400% to 200%-1200%
    -- Charge time lowered from 2s to 1.5s
    -- Moved to secondary slot, now agile
    -- Cooldown lowered to 8s
    -- Updated icon

  • Spinning Slash
    -- Dash removed, moved to its own skill in the utility slot
    -- Damage increased to 800%
    -- Base duration increased to 1.2s
    -- Cooldown increased to 6s
    -- Range now increased while passive is active
    -- Aerial version performs Artorias' leap strike, damage increased by passive instead
    -- Updated icon


  • Quickstep (NEW)
    -- Use while grounded to dash in a direction, use while airborne to dash forward
    -- Grants i-frames during the dash and 15% barrier once it ends
    -- Hitting stuff with Divine Blade lowers the cooldown(more atk spd = more barrier = more tank)


  • Sacred Sunlight
    -- Heal amount greatly reduced, armor buff greatly reduced, now grants some barrier

  • Vow of Silence
    -- Fixed performance issues, current visual is placeholder
    -- No longer destroys projectiles(might come back eventually)

- Fix typo

- Initial release