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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 2.0.0

R2API – a modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Build Status

Note to Mod Developers

Breaking Change for next RoR2 Content Update: R2API Submodules (ResourceAPI, SurvivorAPI, etc) will be only enabled by using the R2APISubmoduleDependency attribute somewhere in your mod. As of the next update (for new BepInEx) all submodules will be enabled by default.

Example usage:

[R2APISubmoduleDependency("SurvivorAPI", "DifficultyAPI")]


R2API is designed to provide an abstraction layer in order to expose and simplify APIs to allow developers to modify
Risk of Rain 2 more easily, while still keeping mod interoperability in mind.

At it's heart, R2API is meant to be base work, which is why it doesnt include any additional in game functionality,
be it for developing or for users in general. This is by choice. A game with just R2API should feel and behave the
same as an unmodded game, the isModded flag excluded.


The latest stable version is NO LONGER included in the BepInEx Pack on Thunderstore.

> #### Bleeding Edge
> Latest bleeding edge builds of master are hosted on Azure,
> and may be downloaded using the Artifacts drop down menu.
> The contents of R2API should be extracted into the BepInEx folder.

Available versions

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2019-11-14 2.3.0 8017 Install
2019-11-14 2.2.54 112 Install
2019-10-15 2.2.32 14453 Install
2019-9-19 2.1.16 32458 Install
2019-8-12 2.1.15 19069 Install
2019-8-12 2.1.13 269 Install
2019-9-19 2.1.11 369 Install
2019-7-7 2.1.0 22689 Install
2019-5-29 2.0.10 29378 Install
2019-5-29 2.0.9 542 Install
2019-5-24 2.0.8 3963 Install
2019-5-24 2.0.7 114 Install
2019-5-22 2.0.6 2269 Install
2019-5-22 2.0.5 1283 Install
2019-5-22 2.0.4 104 Install
2019-5-22 2.0.2 122 Install
2019-5-21 2.0.1 103 Install
2019-5-21 2.0.0 300 Install