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Adds fastfood related items because that's what the gungeon truly needed

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_EtG-5.4.2101 icon

BepInEx pack for Enter the Gungeon. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2101
Alexandria-Alexandria-0.3.33 icon

A combination of old and new APIs, and new tools for the convenience of modders.

Preferred version: 0.3.33



An Enter the Gungeon mod

B.U.R.G.E.R. stands for Barrier Utilizing Reinforcement Generating Energy Reserves

burger shield showcase

Adds the beautifully hand-crafted B.U.R.G.E.R. prototype shield.

  • Grants one armor on pick-up, and one additional armor every floor. Currently a B-tier drop.

Adds a small order of Friguons.

  • Imagine fries, but they circled around you and are 100x more awesome (They block bullets)

Adds a new synergy

  • Can I get, uh... a number 9 large...

Burger pickup

Console Prefix is bur


Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed crash that occurred when trying to take away shield that the player no longer had

Version 1.2.0

  • Added Combo Meal synergy between Friguon and B.U.R.G.E.R. Gives 1 extra heart

Version 1.1.0

  • Added Friguon

Version 1.0.2

  • Cleaned up the README and made an open-source GitHub page

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed off-center icon on the mod page

Version 1.0.0

  • Added B.U.R.G.E.R. shield and created basic mod structure


  • Maybe more synergies
  • Fast food related gun
  • Final polishing