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A combination of old and new APIs, and new tools for the convenience of modders.

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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.6.2


Alexandria is a library of useful code and various APIs with the intention of simplifying the mod creation process via it's use as a dependency.

Featured APIs


  • An API for loading and using custom sounds, with support for sounds with custom switch states.


  • An API for making hats.
  • Idk someones gonna have to fill me in on this


An API for fully customizable custom characters, allowing features present in basegame characters such as:

  • Alternate skins
  • Alt weapons
  • Custom Pasts (You still have to make the Past yourself)
  • Glow / Emissive Shader support.
  • Custom Icons on character select screen.
  • Custom animations.
  • Prebaked Sprite Collection and Animation support.
  • Hegemony Credit Cost.
  • Custom Ghost Interaction
  • ..And more


An API used for loading and generating Custom Rooms made with Room Architect Tool.
Has tools for:

  • Override alt floor Master Rounds.
  • Loading custom room/s from embedded file or mod folder

Also contains a static list of nearly every gameobject used in rooms in the game in class "SetupExoticObjects".


Tools for making custom enemies, and other enemy related tools.

  • EnemyBuilder
  • BossBuilder
  • EnemyBuildingTools (A class with misceallaneuous methods for enemy creation)
  • AIActorUtility (A class with misceallaneuous methods for enemy related stuff)
  • AttackBehaviourUtility (Helper class related to enemy behaviors)


API for creating Shop-Type NPCs.
Allows for:

  • Custom Costs.
  • Custom dialogue
  • Minimap Icons
  • Price Multipliers
  • Rainbow Mode immunity
  • Modified Loot Table Selection
  • Appear with chance in the Main Shop.
  • Custom Item positions
  • ...And more.


Allows for creation of true custom prefabs.


An API for the creation of custom items / guns.


An API for custom translations of modded text.


A collection of methods for creating various objects like debris, pots and other types of breakable decorative objects.



Featured Misc. Tools

  • Assetbundle tools (creating custom stuff with prebaked sprite collections and animations.)
  • A static list of every enemies GUID for convenience.
  • Various helpful debug commands.
  • Custom Stat API (Need to actually look at how it works)
  • At least a dozen more related classes that are somewhat helpful/