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The de-facto standard core API for all Inscryption mods. This lets you create new cards, abilities, challenges, map nodes, starter decks, and more.

Date uploaded 4 months ago
Version 2.19.3
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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Inscryption-5.4.1902 icon

BepInEx pack for Inscryption. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1902
BepInEx-MonoMod_Loader_Inscryption-1.0.0 icon

Loads .mm.dll patches from BepInEx/monomod

Preferred version: 1.0.0



Inscryption API

This plugin is a BepInEx plugin made for Inscryption as an API. This is the de-facto standard API for Inscryption modders.

It can currently create and modify:

  • Cards
  • Abilities
  • Appearance behaviours
  • Stat Icons
  • Challenges
  • Starter Decks
  • Regions
  • Encounters
  • Totem Tops
  • Consumable Items
  • Gramophone Tracks
  • Talking Cards
  • And much more!

Additionally, a number of quality-of-life patches from the community are included with each release.

Installation (automated)

This is the recommended way to install the API on the game.

Installation (manual)

To install this plugin first you need to install BepInEx as a mod loader for Inscryption. A guide to do this can be found here. Inscryption needs the 86x (32 bit) mono version.
You also need to install MonoMod Loader Inscryption.

  • Copy the 'plugins' folder into 'BepInEx/plugins'.
  • Copy the 'monomod' folder into 'BepInEx/monomod'.
    (If any of these folders do not exist, just create them.)

An example Mod utilising this plugin can be found here.

Modded Save File

With this API installed, an additional 'modded save file' will be created by the game. This file will be found in the 'BepInEx' subdirectory, and contains all save data created by mods that use this API. This file will not automatically be synced to the cloud by Steam.

Community Patches

The following patches from the Inscryption modding community have been included in this package to improve the overall quality-of-life for modding and compatibility.

SigilArtPatch by MADH95Mods

Fixes the art for abilities that previously only appeared in Act 2 so they appear correctly in Act 1 and Act 3

Conduit Attack Fix by MADH95Mods

Fixes the behavior of conduits so they function correctly in Act 1.

Activated Sigil Fix by MADH95Mods

Allows activated sigils to work correctly in Act 1 and Act 3 by clicking the sigil icon on the card.

AnthonysLatchFix by AnthonyPython

Fixes latch sigils to work in Act 1

Sigil Art Fix by Memez4Life

Allows up to 8 sigils to be displayed on cards and adds the option to display merged sigil stamps at the bottom of the card instead of over the artwork (see the config files for more information).

Visually Stackable Sigils by divisionbyz0rro

Combines multiple instances of the same sigil on a single card into a single sigil with a number to free up space on the card.

Cost Render Fix by Void Slime

Displays hybrid cost cards correctly and makes energy and mox show up on act 1 cards

Cost Choice Node fix by Void Slime

If energy/mox cards are in the Act 1 pool, energy and mox card choice nodes will be added to the cost choice node in Act 1.

Sniper Sigil Fix by SpecialAPI

Displays targets for attacks made with the sniper sigil in Act 1.

Act 1 Sentry Fixes by WhistleWind

Fixes a number of bugs caused by the Sentry ability being used in Act 1.

Multi-Act Sigil Compatability Fixes by WhistleWind

Fixes a number of sigils to be usable in all Acts. Sigils include: Mental Gemnastics, Tidal Lock, Hoarder, Vessel Printer, Amorphous, Handy.

Fledgling Sigil Fixes by WhistleWind

Fixes Fledgling in Act 2 to show the correct number of turns until a card evolves, up to 3. Also changes its description to show the correct number of turns.

OverridePixelAbilityIcons by WhistleWind

Fixes the OverrideAbilityIcon method to work in Act 2.

Using the API

Inscryption API 2.0 tries to have you use the original game's objects as much as possible. For example, there are no more 'NewCard' and 'CustomCard' objects; instead, you are responsible to create CardInfo objects yourself and add them. The API does provide a number of helper methods to make this process simpler for you.

For more information, please check out the wiki:


How can you help?

Use the plugin and report bugs you find! Ping us on the Inscryption Modding Discord server in the api channel with what you find.

But really, I want to help develop this mod

Great! We're more than happy to accept help. Either make a pull request to the API's GitHub page or come join us over in the Inscryption Modding Discord.

Can I donate?

Donations are totally not needed, this is a passion project before anything else.


Original version by cyantist

Contributors and builders of API 2.0:

  • BobbyShmurner
  • divisionbyz0rro
  • Eri
  • IngoH
  • JamesVeug
  • julian-perge
  • KellyBetty
  • Nevernamed
  • SpecialAPI
  • Void Slime
  • WhistleWind
  • Windows10CE


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  • Fixed pixel Bones cost icons not appearing when the cost is greater than vanilla amounts
  • Fixed interaction where a Gemified card that gives a blue gem doesn't spend the correct resource amount when played
  • Fixed active challenges desyncing from the icons when returning to the select challenges screen from a custom screen
  • Added pixel icon to Aquasquirrel (courtesy of Zepht)
  • Added GetCustomCostAmount extension methods for automatically accounting for whether a custom cost can be negative
  • Added support for making custom challenges that use the Final Boss challenge's icon format (occupying the whole column)
  • AscensionChallengePaginator's leftArrow and rightArrow fields are now AscensionMenuInteractables
  • Changed method name of GenBaseGameChallengs to GenBaseGameChallenges
  • Changed Act 1 energy cost choice cardback to match the cost's icon colour
  • Changed TestCost.OnPlayed to no longer trigger on negative values
  • CustomCardCost.OnPlayed no longer triggers for custom costs with a value of 0 (negative values can still occur)
  • Challenges no longer show dependencies/incompatibilies when viewed in the pause menu and end screen


  • Fixed error when retrieving custom card costs from a card with no custom card costs
  • Fixed cards with custom card costs using the pixel cost icons in some circumstances
  • Fixed modifications to base Pelt choice amounts not being reflected in-game
  • Fixed latched sigils not appearing in Act 3
  • Added config to randomise cost choice order
  • Added additional functionality to FullCardCost - see wiki and documentation for more info
  • Added TestCost class to community patches - can be added to the game by enabling "Test Mode" in the configs
  • Added extension methods for setting and getting a custom card cost using the CustomCardCost class instance
  • Custom costs now support cost tiers and checking CanBePlayedByTurn2WithHand
  • Custom costs' textures now differentiate whether they're from Acts 1, 2, or 3 when storing them post-assemblage
  • Card choices when trading Pelts are now positioned correctly for amounts non-divisible by 4
  • Modified Act 1 latch patch logic
  • Publicised a number of TradePeltSequence patch methods
  • Refactored some TradePeltSequence patches
  • Reverted undocumented changes to some SniperFix parameter names in previous version


  • Fixed index error related to Totem sigils
  • Fixed index error related to opponent sniper targeting
  • Fixed Shield Latch sigil not displaying the first latched sigil
  • Added config to community patches to reset Leshy's eye colour after triggering the grizzly bear sequence during boss fights


  • Fixed activated abilities not being interactable in Act 3
  • Fixed cards with costs above vanilla defaults not displaying
  • Added debug logs to AddCustomTribesToList (used to add custom Tribes to the list of obtainable Totem tops)


  • Fixed API not retrieving pixel card costs above 5


  • Fixed decals added via temporary mods not being cleared from the base card
  • Fixed merged and totem sigils being uninteractable if the icon has been flipped vertically
  • Fixed pixel Shapeshifter patch not correctly patching DisguiseOutOfBattle
  • Fixed temporary decal mods not being removed in Act 1
  • Fixed softlock in Part 1 during the boon-gaining sequence
  • Fixed all copies of a custom challenge becoming activated/deactivated when the page is reloaded
  • Fixed Sentry ability softlocking when the base card dies before all Sentry stacks are triggered
  • Fixed softlock when talking card dialogue cannot be parsed in certain conditions
  • Added public method GetIjiraqDisguises to pixel Shapeshifter patch for easier modification of Shapeshifter for modders
  • Added variant of PeltManager.New
  • Added variant of PlayableCard.AllAbilities that accounts for negated abilities in TemporaryMods
  • Added support for creating custom card costs using new class CustomCardCost; see wiki for more information
  • Added ability to remove gems costs from a card using CardModificationInfos
  • Added a number of extension methods for CardModificationInfos (RemoveGemsCost, SetCustomCostId, etc)
  • Added helpers for getting TextBox.Style from CardInfo.temple or the chosen ambition
  • Rewrote CardModificationInfoManager's id system for setting persistent extended properties in a CardModificationInfo's singletonId
  • Rewrote pixel Shapeshifter patch to RevealInBattle to hopefully prevent errors in Act 1
  • PeltManager.New now throws an error when getCardChoices is null
  • Changed LogLevel of dialogue event insertion message from Info to Debug
  • API death cards now use the clean singleton id when creating the death card info mod
  • Temporary decal mods are now removed from Act 2 cards instead of being cleared
  • Opponent snipers will now target a random slot if there are no opposing cards (previously only targeted the opposing slot)


  • Fixed softlock during Act 1's final boss cabin/boons sequence
  • Fixed startup errors relating to ShieldManager transpilers
  • Fixed resource drone not showing up outside of Act 3
  • Fixed latched sigils not visually disappearing when using RemoveTemporaryMod to remove a latch CardModInfo
  • Fixed stack sigil icons not correctly replacing the '1' in stackable sigil icons with the appropriate stack number
  • Fixed Act 2 Tutor sequence displaying the wrong number of cards above the max of 42
  • Fixed temporary mods not correctly updating a card's shield count above 1
  • Added extension methods PlayableCard.AllCardModificationInfos(), PlayableCard.RemoveCardModificationInfo()
  • Added SpriteType 'PixelStandardButton'
  • CustomTriggerFinder now caches the list of non-card triggers before iteration
  • ActivatedDamageShieldBehaviour now inherits from DamageShieldBehaviour instead of ActivateAbilityBehaviour
  • ActivatedDamageShieldBehaviour now implements the logic from ExtendedActivatedAbilityBehaviour
  • Mud Turtle now has a broken shield portrait (identical to its alternate portrait, which is unchanged)
  • CardTriggerHandler.RemoveAbility now only destroys the AbilityBehaviour if triggeredAbilities no longer contains the corresponding Ability
  • Act 2 Tutor now supports multiple pages of cards


  • Fixed Royal fight softlocking if config option 'Hide Act 1 Scenery' is set to true
  • Fixed activated custom challenges not remaining activated when returning to the challenge screen
  • Fixed TransformIntoCardInHand and TransformIntoCardAboveHand not checking for TriggersOncePerStack
  • Added missing null checks to ResourceDrone patches
  • Added pixel icon to Transformer
  • Transformer sigil icon will now display the number of turns till evolution if it's greater than 1
  • Transformer and Fledgling sigils now correctly update their display when evolving into another card with the Fledgling/Transformer sigil
  • Certain shield-giving effects no longer reset shields to prevent incorrect shield totals
  • Improved the 'Custom Card Costs' section of the wiki


  • Fixed DrawCopyOnDeath creating warnings in the console
  • Fixed talking cards locking the camera view when obtained during the Trapper boss's final phase
  • Fixed ResourceDrone softlocking during Leshy's goodbye sequence if ConfigDefaultDrone is false
  • Added missing null checks
  • Added PlayableCard.GetStatIconHealthBuffs()
  • Added PlayableCard.TransformIntoCardAboveHand() - variant of TransformIntoCardInHand that incorporates MoveCardAboveHand
  • Added FullAbility.SetExtendedProperty for setting an AbilityInfo's custom property during ability creation
  • Reverted change to resource drone preventing it from being parented to the scale outside of Act 1
  • Improved visual fix for the full pack Pack Rat sequence


  • Fixed Sniper sigil targeting the wrong side of the board
  • Fixed placeholder tribe choice icons being placed incorrectly
  • Auto-gen tribe choice texture is now only created if the tribe can be found in tribe choices


  • Fixed resource drone behaving incorrectly outside of Act 1
  • Added null checks to various custom triggers
  • Added more extension methods for CardInfo and AbilityInfo
  • Added PlayableCard extension methods: AddShieldCount(Ability), AddShieldCount<T>() and AddShieldCount(Ability), RemoveShieldCount<T>()
    • These affect the internal numShields field, and do NOT add or remove ability stacks
  • Added alternate portrait 'SacrificablePortrait' for when a card can be sacrificed in Act 1 or Act 2 (part of the SetShaking method)
  • Added methods for getting the emissive portraits for extra alt portraits (EmissiveSteelTrapPortrait(), EmissiveBrokenShieldPortrait(), etc.)
  • Expanded SniperFix sniper logic with additional methods for easier patching and modification:
    • DoSniperLogic() - controls whether to use player or opponent sniper logic
    • DoAttackTargetSlotsLogic() - controls attack logic for each target slot
    • GetValidTargets() - returns the list of card slot the player and opponent can target
    • PlayerTargetSelectedCallback() - called when the player selects a valid target
    • PlayerSlotCursorEnterCallback() - called when the player's cursor enters a slot
    • OpponentSelectTarget() - returns a card slot for the opponent to target and attack
  • Revamped the wiki to (hopefully) make it easier to navigate and read through


  • Fixed abilities marked TriggersOncePerStack not actually triggering once per stack on evolution
  • Fixed CardManager.Remove not actually removing cards
  • Fixed mods on card clones being lost during card sync
  • Added extension methods for setting the emissions for SteelTrap and BrokenShield alt portraits
  • Added Config to disable boss scenery for optimization purposes
  • Exposed EncounterManager.NewEncounters so JSONLoader may replace existing Encounters
  • Refactored Act 1 energy drone movement logic, added support for 'immediate' bool (Default Drone must be true)
  • Act 1 energy drone game object is now named 'Part1ResourceDrone'
  • Act 1 energy drone is now correctly synced with the scale when Default Drone config is false


  • Fixed BoxCollider null reference during Act 3 Build-A-Card-Sequencer
  • Fixed Act 3 bone displayer screen changing to static whenever P03 changes their face
  • Added TryGetGuidAndKeyEnumValue for getting the mod GUID and key from enum value
  • Custom regions now store their mod GUID


  • Fixed SetPixelAbilityIcon() not accepting 22x10 textures for activated abilities
  • Fixed IModifyDamageTaken priority sorting being reversed
  • Fixed null errors in TakeDamage and custom trigger calls
  • Added extension methods for getting emission portraits, setting animated portrait
  • Added CustomFields helper for associating data with objects or classes
  • Added IModifyDirectDamage, IOnTurnEndInQueue custom triggers
  • Custom Tribes now store their name and GUID


  • Fixed card extension GetAbilityStacks() being able to return a negative value; minimum value is now capped at 0
  • Added ability interfaces IModifyDamageTaken, IPreTakeDamage, which trigger at the start of PlayableCard.TakeDamage
  • Added PlayableCard extension method ResetShield(Ability) for only resetting shields belonging to a certain ability
  • Added ShieldManager class and changed how shields are managed in the game's logic
  • Added abstract classes DamageShieldBehaviour and ActivatedDamageShieldBehaviour
  • Added support for adding alternate portraits for SteelTrap activation and broken shields
  • Added portrait setters SetSteelTrapPortrait(), SetBrokenShieldPortrait(), SetPixelSteelTrapPortrait(), SetPixelBrokenShieldPortrait()
  • Added support for adding new language translations
  • Added AbilityInfo extension method SetHideSingleStacks(), affecting how stacking sigils are affected by being hidden (see wiki)
  • DeathShield ability now has a custom AbilityBehaviour attached to it
  • DeathShield ability is no longer passive, and can stack
  • TakeDamage trigger now requires damage to be above 0 to activate
  • Cards can no longer lose shields from attacks that deal 0 damage
  • Damage dealt to cards can no longer go below 0
  • Updated the wiki with sections on the additions
  • Zombie Parrot is now part of the Avian tribe


  • Gem Shield sigil now visually applies the Armoured sigil to cards in Act 1


  • Added interface IGetAttackingSlots for altering the order cards attack in, see the wiki for more information
  • Added out-of-turn (cards attacking outside of their owner's turn) damage support
  • Added PlayableCard extension method GetAbilityStacks()
  • Added PlayableCard extension method TransformIntoCardInHand()
  • Moved SlotAttackSlotFixes and SelfAttackDamagePatch from community patches to the API, renamed to SlotAttackSlotPatches and DoCombatPhasePatches respectively
  • Made community patch method RandomAbilityPatches.GetRandomAbility public


  • Fixed cards not evolving correctly if the Fledgling sigil was obtained via card mods (card merge, totem, etc.)
  • Moved the Squirrel Orbit community patch into the main API
  • Added SetTransformCardId(), GetTransformerCardId() for controlling the Transformer evolution separate of the standard evolution
  • Transformer sigil will now also check for a card's API-set TransformerCardId if no card mod is found
  • Transformer sigil now also adjusts Blood and Bone costs when transforming
  • Transformer sigil now correctly works for cards without a defined evolution/transformation


  • Fixed Transformer sigil disappearing upon transformation in certain scenarios
  • Fixed Act 3 Bone Display checking the wrong card cost, resulting in the display always appearing
  • Fixed Act 3 Bone Display null error in certain Acts


  • Fixed friend cards created by G0LLY not having any mods
  • Reverted previous change to cloned CardInfos
  • Tweaked RandomAbilityPatches to hopefully prevent obtaining sigils already possessed by the card
  • Added cost display support for Act 3
  • Added bone counter for Act 3


  • Cloned CardInfos now only copy over Gemify mods, unless they possess BountyHunterInfo/DeathCardInfo/BuildACardInfo
  • Fixed certain card mods duplicating when the card evolve
  • Added ResourcesManager.RemoveMaxEnergy, ResourcesManager.ShowRemoveMaxEnergy extension methods


  • Fixed the first energy cell remaining closed in Act 1 when battle starts
  • Added new field to PeltManager.PeltData 'peltTierName' used when trading pelts
  • Added extension method PeltData.SetTierName
  • The Trader will now speak the correct name of custom pelts when trading with them
  • Added DialogueManager.GenerateTraderPeltsEvent for creating custom dialogue events spoken by the Trader when trading a custom pelt
  • Added DialogueManager.GenerateRegionIntroEvent for creating the dialogue event played upon entering a custom region


  • Fixed Act 2 bug relating to stackable sigils and activated sigils in the deck display menu
  • Fixed dynamic costs still not working in Act 2
  • Fixed dynamic gem costs checking ResourcesManager instead of OpponentGemsManager for opponent cards
  • Fixed dynamic costs not checking for owned blue gems
  • Fixed dynamic costs not updating energy display correctly
  • Changed dynamic costs to patch SetInfo instead of Awake
  • Re-added dynamic cost error messages for when the card or card info is null
  • Added ResourcesManager.Instance.GemsOfType(GemType) to check for owned gems of the specified type


  • Fixed Overclock patch not checking for the correct Acts
  • Fixed appearance behaviour's Card field always returning null in Act 2
  • Added OverridePixelPortrait virtual method to PixelAppearanceBehaviour to allow for changing card portraits in Act 2
  • Added CardInfo.SetPixelAlternatePortrait() and Cardinfo.GetPixelAlternatePortrait() for storing alternate pixel portraits
  • Re-added SetTerrain method without optional bool parameter
  • SwitchToAlternatePortrait and SwitchToDefaultPortrait now work in Act 2 using the above system
  • Removed cost-related error spam in Act 2


  • Custom tribes are now given a placeholder reward cardback if one isn't provided
  • Fixed visual error when flipping a custom tribe choice for a tribe without a custom cardback
  • Fixed pixel stat icons not hiding the underlying stat number
  • Fixed ChooseTarget null exception
  • Fixed opponent cards with mods not being created properly (eg Bounty Hunters)
  • Fixed being able to ring the bell in Part 2 during the Tutor sequence
  • Fixed GBC packs not checking for onePerDeck when selecting possible cards
  • Fixed decals added via temporary mods not clearing from cards in Act 2
  • Changed what vanilla abilities are marked as Act2Modular (see the Part2ModularAbilities file for the full list)
  • Removed leftover debug info during start-up
  • Added CardInfo.SetCardTemple()
  • Added CardModInfo extension methods SetTemporaryDecal and IsTemporaryDecal (primarily for internal use, maybe you'll find a use for it)
  • Added GBCPackManager.ModifyGBCPacks function for altering what cards can be found in GBC card packs


  • Fixed Sniper duplicating attacks from sigils like Double Strike
  • Fixed interaction between Waterborne and Fledgling in Act 2
  • Fixed Cuckoo sigil softlocking in Act 2 when making a Raven Egg
  • Fixed sigils added via temporary mods not displaying in Act 2
  • Fixed hiddenAbilities not affecting sigil display in Act 2
  • Fixed Handy sigil visual bug outside of Act 2
  • Fixed Shapeshifter special ability in Act 2
  • Added pixel sprites for Raven Egg and Cuckoo/Broken Egg
  • Added ResourceBankManager.AddDecal(), PlayableCard.AddTemporaryMods(), CardModificationInfo.AddDecalIds
  • Added AbilityInfo.SetPixelIcon(string pathToArt), CardInfo.RemoveAppearances(), CardInfo.SetDefaultEvolutionName()
  • Added DialogueManager.PlayDialogueEventSafe - combines TextDisplayer.PlayDialogueEvent and DialogueHandler.PlayDialogueHandler for multi-act support
  • Added support for directly loading AudioClips via the GramophoneManager
  • Added support for adding decals to pixel cards via DecalIds
  • Added pixel portrait for Ijiraq
  • Added support for changing costs midbattle using CardModificationInfos or a HarmonyPatch
  • Changed TranspilerHelpers.LogCodeInscryptions to also function as an extension method for List<CodeInstruction>
  • FullSpecialTriggeredAbility now stores the ability name and mod GUID
  • Temporary mods can now be used to add decals to a card
  • CardRenderInfo.OverrideAbilityIcon now works for Act 2 sigils
  • CardInfo.SetTerrain() now has optional parameter 'useTerrainLayout', defaulting to true
  • Made method used to add stacks to pixel sigils public
  • Updated the wiki


  • Fixed null error when opening card packs in Act 2
  • Fixed pixel cards with activated sigils showing the activated sigil icon twice (does not fix the button obscuring sigils)
  • Added new helper class GemsManagerHelpers with helper methods: OpponentHasGems, PlayerHasGems
  • Changed how Act 2 descriptions are altered to prevent conflicts
  • True Scholar now correctly requires a Blue Gem to be owned prior to use


  • Fixed Hoarder sigil breaking when used by opponents in Act 2
  • Fixed Hodag special ability not working in Act 2
  • Fixed cards marked as AffectedByTidalLock not being killed by Tidal Lock when it's on a giant card
  • Added card extension methods SetAffectedByTidalLock and HasAlternatePortrait
  • Added ability extension method SetPart2Ability
  • Added AbilityCardMetaCategory AbilityManager.Part2Modular
  • Added pixel portraits for Empty Vessel and its Gemified variants, Ant, Bee, Dam, Chime, and the Tail cards
  • Amorphous sigil now works in Act 2
  • Vessel Printer sigil now works in Act 2
  • Trinket Bearer sigil is now disabled in Act 2
  • Hidden abilities are now properly hidden in Act 2
  • Fledgling sigil now properly shows the required (up to the number 3) in Act 2
  • Fledgling sigil's rulebook description now updates to show the selected card's actual number of required turns
  • Squirrel, Aqua Squirrel, and Rabbit are now marked as AffectedByTidalLock
  • SteelTrap sigil no longer changes a card's portrait to the closed trap; will now switch to an alternate portrait if it exists


  • Fixed custom items falling through reality
  • Added card extension method IsAffectedByTidalLock
  • Mental Gemnastics sigil now works in Act 1
  • Tidal Lock sigil now works for non-Moon cards


  • Fixed DontDestroyOnLoad warnings when using custom items
  • Fixed weird spacing for Mox cost textures in Act 1
  • Fixed player death cards not inheriting Energy, Mox, or custom costs
  • Fixed the hint dialogue for insufficient Energy in Act 1 being the wrong colour
  • Fixed ExtendedActivatedAbilityBehaviour discarding negative activation cost modifiers
  • Fixed Sniper not accounting for custom sigils that modify attack slots
  • Fixed Tutor not working in Act 2
  • Added more extension methods to BoardManager
  • Added new card extensions SetGemify and SetGemsCost(params GemType[])
  • Added catch-all cost textures for when Blood or Bones go above 13
  • Added CardModificationInfoManager and DeathCardManager
  • Added extended property support and extensions for CardModificationInfo
  • Added Blood activation cost support to ExtendedActivatedAbilityBehaviour
  • ExtendedActivatedAbilityBehaviour now calls PostActivate() if a card dies from paying the Health cost
  • Leshy now recognises death cards with multiple costs in his dialogue
  • Leshy will now let you create death cards with up to 8 sigils
  • Minor adjustments to some cost textures
  • Rearranged order of Mox cost textures to align with order of Mox on the Gem Module
  • Removed empty cost textures for Blood, Bones, Energy, Mox from the community patches
  • Sniper patch's methods are now public


  • Fixed ExtendedActivatedAbilityBehaviour's Health cost not subtracting Health correctly
  • Fixed softlock in Act 1 during death card creation
  • Fixed custom cards that start Gemified not working as intended when obtained in-game
  • Potentially fixed softlock when making terrain for a region
  • Added further checks to challenge icon-related patch to prevent softlocks
  • Added decal, appearance behaviour, and Gemified card support for Act 2 cards
  • Added Singleton<OpponentGemsManager> for keeping track of opponent gems
  • Added new helper method for creating Sprites from resource files in an assembly
  • Added new SpriteType for creating pixel card decals
  • Gemified visuals now work correctly for Act 3 opponents
  • Cost choice node now offers each Mox colour individually
  • Added new config "Default Drone" to change the model and position of the Energy Drone
  • Amorphous sigil now activates when used by opponents or obtained via evolution/temp mod
  • Owned Mox in Act 1 now updates when a card is hooked by the Angler or via the Hook item


  • Fixed starter deck custom unlocks not working
  • Fixed card icons not being properly centred for starter decks with 4+ cards
  • Cards in Acts 2 and 3 can now display up to 8 sigils
  • Blood tokens in Act 3 now appear to the side of the board instead of on it
  • Blood tokens now stack on each other when there are more than 4


  • Fixed regions in Act 1 being out of order
  • Fixed the console message concerning custom dialogue events not giving the right amount


  • Refactored how regions are handled by the API to prevent duplicate bosses
  • Refactored how bosses are selected to prevent duplicates being encountered
  • Changed when modded Ascension data is cleared to allow for editing it post-clear
  • Added more descriptive error logs for some commonly encountered errors
  • Added config option to reduce the amount of debug info shown in the console
  • Added methods to aid in creating encounter turn plans
  • Added more methods for interacting with lists, new debug method to aid in making transpilers
  • Added ExtendedActivatedAbilityBehaviour class; allows for dynamic costs and Health costs
  • Fixed SetOnePerDeck() and SetHideStats() being inaccessible
  • Fixed AddCardBlueprint() not setting the replacement card correctly


  • Completely revamped PeltManager to be more user friendly (Mod breaking)
  • Added LocalizationManager for more language support with mods
  • Added helper method for custom pelts to change cards trader
  • Pelts offered by Trapper capped at 8.
  • Pelts offered by Trapper are now randomized if more than 8
  • Fixed soft lock at trader when having more pelts than cards to offer
  • Fixed the campfire fix breaking the normal sequence
  • Fixed HasCardMetaCategory returning the inverse of its intended value
  • Fixed stackable sigils not showing numbers above 9


  • Fixed the campfire fix breaking the normal sequence


  • Added talking card support!
  • Moved the "CustomLine" struct outside of the Dialogue.Helpers class.
  • Fixed tribe choice node being able to offer vanilla tribes with no cards
  • Fixed totem choice node being able to offer tops for vanilla tribes with no cards
  • Added fallbacks for tribal choice node if there are less than 3 chooseable tribes
  • Added fallback to campfire node if you don't have any cards that can be buffed
  • Fixed 'outdated plugins' warning showing up when it shouldn't, tweaked message slightly


  • Added CardInfo extensions for checking CardMetaCategories, cause why not
  • Added DialogueManager for custom dialogue for regions and Custom Color support
  • Added ResourceBankManager for custom resources. Avoids doing this for every mod
  • Deprecated DialogueEventGenerator (Moved to Dialogue Manager)
  • Fixed repeating bosses on regions that have multiple boss possibilities
  • Fixed custom props not having a renderer on the top parent and breaking loading regions
  • Fixed arrows on the challenges select screen being offscreen at certain resolutions
  • Fixed tribe choice node being able to offer custom tribes with no cards
  • Fixed being able to get custom totem tops for tribes with no cards


  • Added support for custom masks
  • Fixed sometimes items use the wrong behaviour
  • Added more resource and asset bundle helpers


  • Fixed latch fix modifying the base info
  • Fixed stackable abilities activating twice when they shouldn't


  • Fixed sniper fix not accounting for cards with Repulsive ability
  • Fixed latch abilities not working in Act 2
  • Added ExtendedProperties for abilities
  • Added new ability setter SetTriggersOncePerStack for controlling the behaviour of stackable abilities after a card evolves
  • Added new helper methods for creating cards: SetOnePerDeck, SetHideStats
  • Added new helper methods for abilities: SetCanStack, SetTriggersOncePerStack, SetActivated, SetPassive, SetConduit, SetConduitCell
  • Added new remover methods for cards: RemoveAbilities, RemoveAbilitiesSingle, RemoveTraits, RemoveTribes


  • Added CanActivateOutsideBattles extension method to ConsumableItemData so they can be used outside of battles.
  • Added Missing Tribe Icon fallback texture for totem tops when a tribe has no icon
  • Changed TotemManager to accept a CompositeTotemPiece type for custom behaviour other than always a custom icon
  • Fixed lag when entering gain consumable item map node
  • Fixed crash when using custom consumable items
  • Fixed hard lock when getting totem top that doesn't have an icon
  • Fixed Pack Rat card object not having the correct background during the item node sequence
  • Fixed Latch abilities removing stat boosts when latching a card
  • Fixed latched abilities not properly rendering in some acts


  • Changed Pelt Manager to no longer have an interface for future safety! (NOTE This will break all mods with custom pelts!)
  • Added Squirrel tribe art (Thanks Drift!)
  • Fixed Green Gem stat icon showing as a black square in act 1
  • Fixed Green Gem stat icon not appearing in rulebook
  • Fixed Squirrel totem top causing NMA when using custom totem tops
  • Fixed being unable to play cards with a Blood cost above 4 via sacrifices


  • Added support for custom pelts
  • Added support for converting audio files to AudioClip objects
  • Added support for adding custom tracks to the Gramophone
  • Added support for adding custom audio files
  • Warning message for outdated plugins now lists the outdated plugins
  • Energy Drone now tweens with the scales, kinda
  • Fixed visual bug where energy cells didn't start closed in successive battles


  • Added support for custom consumable items using a choice of a few models
  • Added support for custom consumable card in a bottle items
  • Added support for custom consumable items with a custom model
  • Added more helper extensions for checking abilities, traits, special abilities
  • Fixed null instances in Act 2 spamming the console with warnings


  • Added support for custom card unlock requirements
  • Fixed non-giant cards with Omni Strike not directly attacking their opposing slot when there are no opposing cards
  • Fixed cards attacking their own side of the board during combat not adding damage to the correct side of the scale
  • Fixed an issue where a challenge would go missing if you had more than 14 installed


  • Fixed the sentry fix overriding patches to SlotAttackSlot


  • Reverted part of the sentry fix that was causing problems
  • Made it easier to override the default totem head


  • Added support for custom totem heads
  • Custom Tribes now appear as a totem in the Wood Carver nodes
  • Fixes for Sentry ability in Act 1 relating to PackMule, Loose Tail, and enemy totems
  • Fixed stacked ability icons causing issues when trying to render numbers on some sigil icons
  • Fixed Latches not working in Act 1


  • Switched to debug version


  • Fixed Sentry ability not working properly in Act for players or opponents


  • Reworked challenges
  • Fixed gemified opponent cards not working properly
  • Fixed stat icons in Act 3


  • Fixed orange gem not counting towards passive attack
  • Fixed PackMule special ability not working on the player's side
  • Fixed Mox cost choice node not working
  • Fixed boon rulebook and removal
  • Fixed tribe choice nodes
  • Fixed error caused by passing null when assigning a custom tail portrait
  • Improved activated ability fix
  • Improved some extensions and attack buffs
  • Fixes for starter decks
  • Fixes for custom regions, more customisation when creating one
  • Added more extensions
  • Fixed stat icon rendering for Act 3


  • Added an interface that triggers when cards are facedown
  • Updated custom artwork for GBC numbers
  • Fixed flipped icons spamming the log with warnings
  • Fixed Tribe API breaking mods that use CardbackTexture
  • Added custom combat triggers
  • Added more custom extensions
  • Fixed Latch abilities in Act 1
  • Fixed extension methods for setting custom flipped portrait affecting the wrong card
  • Fixed optimisation issues caused by passive attack bufs
  • Fixed activated sigils
  • Added node manager for custom nodes
  • Fixed cards getting buffs after the game ends


  • Fixed blurry portraits when playing on low graphics settings


  • Added support for custom tribes and boons
  • Added config option to opt of custom cost renders for Act 2 cards
  • Refactored and added documentation for CardExtensions


  • Improved the process of creating stat icons to automatically register and add the corresponding special ability
  • Added log warnings for improperly registered cards


  • Bugfix for SaveData


  • Rewritten to use base game objects


  • Added support for custom card backgrounds, dialogs, encounters and talking cards
  • Fixes to abilities loading and stackable custom abilities


  • Bugfix so CustomCard doesn't wipe ability information.


  • Fixes params.
  • Adds feature for special abilities and special stat icons.
  • Added support for emissions.


  • Added support for more identifiers


  • Fix for abilities which do not have identifier.


  • Added ability identifiers.


  • Added support for mox.
  • Forced ability texture to point filter.


  • Added config options for energy.


  • Fixed appearanceBehaviour (again).


  • Fix pixelTex dimensions.


Not compatible with v1.7.2

  • Changes to using TypeMapper.


  • Fixed error when not adding any abilities.


  • Fixed appearance behaviours not loading properly.


  • Added support for custom abilities!


  • Changed textures to point filter to reduce blur.


  • Enabled fix for evolveParams and some other disabled options.


  • Fix to accessing private instance for regions.


Not compatible with v1.4

  • Changed all references to API including guid.


  • Set up support for customising and adding regions.


  • Set up project to work as a library for other plugins to use.


  • Fixed previous patch.


  • Fixed cards not being inserted into the card pool on chapter select.


Not compatible with v1.1

  • Added customising default cards through CustomCard.
  • Custom cards are added via the CustomCard constructor rather than through the AddCard method.


  • Hooked into a much more sensible method to load the cards into the card pool.