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Pack Management API

Organizes the cards (and encounters!) you have installed into packs that can be toggled on and off with each run through Kaycee's Mod.

Date uploaded 5 months ago
Version 1.2.2
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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The de-facto standard core API for all Inscryption mods. This lets you create new cards, abilities, challenges, map nodes, starter decks, and more.

Preferred version: 2.14.3


Pack Manager

Have you installed too many card mods and want your runs through Kaycee's Mod to be a little more streamlined? This is the mod for you.

This mod adds a screen to the setup of each run through Kaycee's Mod. It allows you to toggle which cards will or will not appear in the upcoming run through the use of 'packs.' Mods that use this API can register themselves as packs, and players can turn each pack on or off as they wish.

This mod uses the API's concept of a "mod prefix" on each card to identify which card belongs to which pack.

Screenshot of the Pack Management Screen

Encounter pack management beta: This version of the mod is the beta for "encounter packs," which organizes mod-added regions and encounters into packs in the same way that cards get organized into packs. This replaces the mod's default mechanism for activating and deactivating encounters (where encounters were turned off/on based on which card packs were turned off/on). By default, this beta is on; to turn it off, you need to edit the mod's config file and set the EncounterPackManagementBeta flag to false.

What happens when a pack is "turned off?"

When you deactivate a pack for a run through Kaycee's Mod, this mod will temporarily remove all metacategories from all cards in that pack. This will prevent the card from appearing in card choice nodes, trader nodes, rare card selection nodes, etc. However, other references to these cards (such as Evolve or Ice Cube) will remain.

How does this mod handle encounters (battle blueprints)?

If the encounter beta is turned on (default): A second screen has been added to show encounters that have been added by mods you've installed. These mods are also organized into packs, just like the cards. Toggling off an encounter pack will remove all encounters in that pack from each region they would have otherwise appeared in. If this would leave the region with zero encounters, all base-game encounters are reinstated.

If the encounter beta is turned off: This mod will try to remove encounters from each region that contain excluded cards. However, most card pack mods don't come with encounters, which means that a lot of pack combinations will result in not having any valid encounters. In this situation, the mod reverts to using the game's default encounters.

How are card packs discovered?

Packs are discovered by looking at the entire card pool and seeing what cards belong to which prefix. Each card is grouped with its prefix, and assigned a Pack based on that prefix. The game will create a default pack art and attempt to create a default description for every pack of cards it discovers, but mod creators can build their own pack descriptions and pack arts as well.

All of the cards that come with the base game are also assigned to their own packs. By default, these packs only appear in runs for that region, but you can make all packs appear in all regions using the "CrossOverAllPacks" setting in the configuration file.

This mod comes with pack definitions and custom art for the following mods:

How are encounter packs discovered?

Regions and encounters are a little tricky. The API does not enforce any sort of naming convention, although it does track which mod created each region in the form of the mod guid (there is no such tracking for encounters).

  • This mod attempts to sort custom encounters into packs based on the mod prefix for the cards in those encounters. For example, if you install the Eri Card Encounter Expansion, this mod will detect that those encounters contain cards from Eri's Card Pack and will group those encounters together into a single pack. The mod will try to automatically create card art for the encounter pack by re-coloring the card art for the card pack that those cards came from.

Encounter support

Encounter packs are currently only tested and known to support Leshy and P03. Grimora and Magnificus are not yet supported during the beta period.


As with most mods, you need BepInEx installed.

You will also need the API installed.


The zip file should be structured in the same way as your Inscryption root directory. Just drop the 'BepInEx' folder into your Inscryption directory and you're golden.

How do I make my cards compatible with the Pack Manager?

Make sure all of your cards use the same mod prefix

This cannot be stressed enough. This mod relies on the mod prefix to sort out which cards belong to which pack, so it is your responsibility to make sure that you've selected a mod prefix for your cards and that all your cards use it.

Pack Metacategories

Packs can be belong to any number of "metacategories" which define which scribe they are valid for.

The metacategories are:

public enum PackInfo.PackMetacategory
    LeshyPack = 0,
    P03Pack = 1,
    GrimoraPack = 2,
    MagnificusPack = 3

JSON Loader Cards

If you use JSON Loader to build your cards, it's really easy to add a pack definition to your mod. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Make sure all of your cards have the "modPrefix" attribute properly set. All cards from your mod should have the same mod prefix, which identifies them as belonging to the same card pack.
    • This alone is enough to make the pack manager function properly with your mod. It will autogenerate a pack for you, but it will not have a bespoke description or pack art. It will just be a blank pack icon that displays the card art of the card with the highest power level in your mod.
  2. Include a pack file in your mod. This is a JSON file with the file extension *.jlpk that will contain the description of your mod pack, the title, and a custom pack art:
	"Title": "Incredible Card Expansion",
	"Description": "This card pack is full of cards that will blow your mind.",
	"ModPrefix": "boom",
	"PackArt": "Artwork/boom_pack.png",
    "ValidFor": ["LeshyPack"]

Using the API directly

You can also create a card pack using this API directly. All you need to do is ask the PackManager to create a PackInfo object for the mod prefix associated with your cards.

using Infiniscryption.PackManagement;

public static void CreatePack()
    PackInfo incrediPack = PackManager.GetPackInfo<PackInfo>("boom");
    incrediPack.Title = "Incredible Card Expansion";
    incrediPack.Description = "This card pack is full of cards that will blow your mind.";

It is strongly recommended however that you do not create a hard dependency between your card pack and this API. Instead, you can create a soft dependency using the following pattern:

private void Start() // Do this in your Plugin.cs file
    if (Chainloader.PluginInfos.ContainsKey("zorro.inscryption.infiniscryption.packmanager"))

Using this pattern will allow you to create the pack when the user has installed the Pack Manager API, but will not force the user to have installed that API if they do not want it.

Description placeholders

You can put the following placeholders into the description of your pack to help dynamically generate the text that will appear when the user hovers over it on the screen:

  • [count]: Will be replaced with the number of cards in this pack.
  • [randomcard]: Will be replaced with the name of a random card in the pack.
  • [name]: Will be replaced with the title of this pack.
  • [powerlevel]: Will be replaced with the average power level of cards in the pack.

Pack validity

Each pack has a completely optional "ValidFor" property, which is a list of CardTemples. This is meant to allow you to indicate which zones/biomes the card pack is valid for. By default, the game only has a single zone available in Kaycee's Mod. That zone is Leshy's Cabin, which is the Nature zone. However, other mods, such as "P03 for Kaycee's Mod" or "Grimora Mod", may add other playable zones. The pack definition includes the idea of "ValidFor" in order to provide some amount of future-proofing.

Split Pack By Card Temple

Because cards can only belong to a single temple, the Pack Manager automatically sets the card temple for all cards in any given pack to match the type of KCM run that has been started (assuming that pack is set to be valid for that run type). Most of the time this will be a Leshy run, so all cards will automatically be given the Nature temple. However, if you are starting a Grimora run, all cards in the pack will be given the Undead temple; if you are starting a P03 run, they will be given the Tech temple, etc. In the end, the original temple of the card no longer matters - only the metacategory of the pack itself matters.

But what if you want the temples to matter? In other words, you want to define a single pack but still use the original card templates as filter criteria. Cards with the Wizard temple would only apply to Magnificus, cards with the Tech temple would only apply to P03, etc. To do this, you simply need to set the SplitPackByCardTemple property to true on the PackInfo object. This will apply an additional filter to your pack such that only the cards with the appropriate temple will be counted.

What if there's a special CardMetaCategory that I really need to not be removed by the Pack Manager?

There's an example of this: my side decks mod can't allow the SideDeck metacategory to be removed. To do this, you need to add a 'protected metacategory.' Here is the relevant snippet of code from my side decks mod. Notice how I wrapped the call to the pack manager in a separate method surrounded by a try-catch. This prevents a soft lock if the player hasn't installed the Pack Manager.

private static void RegisterMetacategoriesInner()

private void Start() // Do this in your Plugin.cs file
    if (Chainloader.PluginInfos.ContainsKey("zorro.inscryption.infiniscryption.packmanager"))

How do I make encounter/region packs?

The filtering mechanism for encounters/regions uses two different (and mutually exclusive) techniques. You can either use a common prefix for all of your encounters and regions, or use your mod's GUID as the identier.

Define your pack using a common prefix

If you define your pack using a card prefix key, all of your regions and encounters must start with the same prefix. In this example, the encounter prefix is BOOM:

EncounterManager.New("BOOM_IncredibleEncounterOne", addToPool: true);

Define the pack with JSON

As above, you can define your encounters using a JSON file with the extension .jlenc:

	"Title": "Incredible Encounters",
	"Description": "This pack is full of encounters that will blow your mind.",
	"ModPrefix": "boom",
	"PackArt": "Artwork/boom_encounter_pack.png",
    "ValidFor": ["LeshyPack"]

Define the pack using the API

The API for encounter packs looks the same as it does for card packs; the class is just different:

using Infiniscryption.PackManagement;

public static void CreatePack()
    EncounterPackInfo incrediPack = PackManager.GetPackInfo<EncounterPackInfo>("boom");
    incrediPack.Title = "Incredible Encounters";
    incrediPack.Description = "This pack is full of encounters that will blow your mind.";

Use your Mod GUID as the pack identifier

You can also define your encounter/region packs using your mod guid. If you do this, all regions/encounters defined in your mod will be included in the pack. This only works if your plugin loads after the Pack Manager plugin, which you can ensure by making the Pack Manager plugin a dependency of your plugin:

[BepInPlugin("boom.inscryption.guid", "Incredble Mod", "1.6.9")]
public class BoomPlugin : BaseUnityPlugin
    private void Awake()
        // Add regions and encounters

Define the pack with JSON

To use the mod guid as the identifier for your pack, just put your mod guid in the ModPrefix field and use a JSON file with the extension .jlenc:

	"Title": "Incredible Encounters",
	"Description": "This pack is full of encounters that will blow your mind.",
	"ModPrefix": "boom.inscryption.guid",
	"PackArt": "Artwork/boom_encounter_pack.png",
    "ValidFor": ["LeshyPack"]

Using the API

To use the mod guid as the identifier for your pack, just put your mod guid in the ModPrefix field. The API for encounter packs looks the same as it does for card packs; the class is just different:

using Infiniscryption.PackManagement;

public static void CreatePack()
    EncounterPackInfo incrediPack = PackManager.GetPackInfo<EncounterPackInfo>("boom.inscryption.guid");
    incrediPack.Title = "Incredible Encounters";
    incrediPack.Description = "This pack is full of encounters that will blow your mind.";

Creating Pack Art

Template (blank/empty) pack arts are included in this package.

For encounter packs: if your mod also includes a card pack, and the prefix for your encounter pack is the same as the prefix for your card pack, this mod will automatically create pack art for your encounters pack based on the art for your card pack.



  • Fixed a defect with the JSON loader.


  • Modified how the feature where pack screens automatically advance works. You should be able to go backwards now. There's still a little bit of a lag when screens advance forward that I'm going to work on moving forward, but overall the screens should behave better now.
  • Updated the "disabled pack" indicator.
  • Added a "locked pack" indicator for when you cannot turn off a pack.
  • Encounter packs now directly filter regions as well.
  • Encounter packs now support using mod GUIDs in addition to prefixes.
  • Added encounter packs for Bitty's Regions, Void's Regions, and Eri's Encounters.


  • Fixed the layout of the pack screen on low resolutions.
  • The pack screens now automatically advance if there is only one pack installed.
  • Added the beta version of the encounter pack manager.


  • The Part3Modular metacategory is no longer "protected." This means that turning off a P03 card pack will also remove the sigils from that pack from the random sigil pool.


  • Added a new configuration option to allow all default card packs to be made available for all types of runs. I make no promises how well these cards will actually play, but the option is now there if you want to screw around with it.


  • Fixed a small bug that causes the pack list to desync if you have a scrybe mod installed (P03, Grimora, Magnificus) and try to actively switch between runs of different scrybes.


  • Restored the Eri's mod pack definition by popular request.


  • Fixed a defect where all packs were splitting by screen type instead of just autogenerated packs
  • The ability filter now properly accounts for cards that are not selectable but do appear as ice cubes or evolutions for cards which are.


  • Autogenerated packs are now valid for all screen types (Leshy, P03, Grimora, and Magnificus) and are split by card temple.


  • Fixed the guid I was using to look up Magnificus Mod. Hopefully this fixes compatibility with Magnificus Mod.
  • Added the Grimora Choice Node custom metacategory to the Undead Temple lookup. Hopefully this fixes compatibility with Grimora Mod.


  • Pack manager is now aware of the screen state variables set by P03 Mod, Grimora Mod, and Magnificus Mod.
  • Added the "Split Pack By Card Temple" feature to a pack definition.
  • Removed Gareth and Eri's mod pack definition (Gareth's mod now supports this directly and Eri's is defunct)


  • A personal message from DivisionByZ0rro


  • Default encounters are no longer removed from the pool when the default card pack is turned off (configurable)
  • Encounter switching can be toggled off with a configuration option
  • Abilities are no longer removed from the Part 3 Modular or Part 3 Bounty Hunter pool if a card pack is removed


  • Properly handle the case where the P03 In Kaycee's Mod plugin is uninstalled while the game is in P03 mode.


  • The Rare metacategory was mistakenly being skipped when filtering the list of valid cards for each pack.


  • Changed the internal JSON parser to resolve some defects.


  • Found one more goof in the README and fixed it.


  • Fixed the README. I had a bad example for the JLPK and that wasted a of people's time. My bad.


  • Like a dope, I managed to push a version of this mod that didn't have page scrolling activated. The mod can now handle more than 7 packs. Major facepalm.


  • Initial version.