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[v56] The Japanese Sacred Land

By s1ckboy
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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100
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A Custom API to support the manual and dynamic integration of all forms of custom content in Lethal Company. (v50 Compatible)

Preferred version: 1.2.4


692 - Seichi

[ BETA ]

v56 compatible


The Sacred Land of the Japanese Legends and Gods is finally available again, after long consideration by the Company they came to a conclusion to revisit the long lost planet. The reasons for the unavailablitity is currently unknown.

  • Cost of route: 333 credits
  • Difficulty: A+
Custom scraps
Scrap Name Function Weight [Lbs] Two-handed Material Variety Conductivity
Teapot None 12 No 4 No
Tea cup None 2 No 5 No
Vase None 23 Yes 4 No
Oni Mask Can turn player into an Oni 11 No 1 No
Shamisen Playable Instrument 29 Yes 1 No
Taiko Playable Instrument 31 Yes 1 No
Knife Weapon 4 No 1 Yes
Kanabo Weapon - does 2x dmg but takes longer to reel it up 37 No 1 No
Uchiwa Can heal players, kill tulipsnakes, can't hurt enemies 3 No 1 No
Mortar and Pestle None 9 No 1 No
Lantern Item, buyable through terminal 7 No 1 No
More info
  • Trees are randomly generated
  • 10 custom scraps with some having multiple variants of them
  • 1 ambient creature called Shisha
  • Shisha can spawn on every other moons, highly configable custom entity
  • Theres a rare chance for it to drop a scrap item called Xu
  • Xu can be red(cheapest) - green - blue(most expensive), scrap item also highly configurable
  • 1 custom enemy called Oni - which is a masked variant
  • Hachiman is now scannable, and it takes a random pose per round (that moves a little)
  • 1 buyable item called Lantern
  • Xu is named like that because of banter, Xu and I are on good terms ^^
  • Vase drop SFX is also a fun little banter I do to annoy TestAccount666 :3


  • View of the landscape while landing

  • Middle island with all the custom scraps

  • Shisha

  • Main entrance

More spoilers
  • Custom dropship

  • Fire Exit #1

  • Fire Exit #2

  • Fire Exit #3

  • Fire Exit #4

  • Oni

Credits to

  • Ryudious for the tree model - it's in the middle of the smol pond
  • QWERTYrodrigo and SolidStone for the Radmech model and its custom texture
  • Wesley and Danielus for help in certain issues
  • Batby for LethalLevelLoader and for help with file compression!
  • Hamunii for help in error fixing
  • BBAPepsiMan for the icon ^^
  • Siphonife for help with Shisha
  • Darth Figo for help with Shisha and Scraps/Items
  • TestAccount666 for help with Hachiman :p
  • Zehs for TakeyPlush model :3
  • Oponok and Solid_Assault for MithzanFunko model
  • Xu, Mox for future help!

Future tweaks

  • Deer walking and skipping animations need to be improved
  • dropSFX for Xu needs to be improved
  • Lighting should be better then the current one
  • Sun anim for Stormy as way to basic, also would love to get back to Eclipsed and Clear
  • More foilage
  • A couple more scraps
  • MithzanFunko will be in the eastegg zone that will have its own disco building (TakeyPlush is there already) - these are signs of appriciations to streamers/youtubers