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Proboinas Backpack Expansion

Enchantments and some changes to dephen the mechanics behind backpacks

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Proboina's Backpack Expansion


Simple mod that gives some depth to backpacks, removing the meta and giving more tempting choices to make your playthrough a little different from your usual Mefino's or Boozu running birdman builds

List of Changes:


  • Hidden Pockets - Global Backpack Enchantment - +15 Carry Capacity
  • Inner Comfort - Global Backpack Enchantment - +15 Weather Resistance
  • Adnventurer's Backpack - Enchantment Balance - + 35 pouch capacity, +10 backpack capacity, +5% Cooldown Reduction bonus
  • Alchemist Backpack - Enchantment Apothecary - + 10 backpack capacity, Immunity to "Ambraine Withdrawal", "Posion" and "Extreme Poison"
  • Brass Wolf Backpack - Enchantment Hunger - Much higher hunger drain rate, +15% Physical damage bonus
  • Brigand's Backpack - Enchantment Thief - 10% stamina cost reduction, 20% better stealth
  • Dusk and Weaver's Backpacks - Enchantment Stable Grounds - +20% Stability regeneration bonus
  • Preservation Backpack - Enchantment Condensation - Every 3 minutes generates water in player's inventory
  • Prospector Backpack - Enchantment Compass - Immunity to "Slow Down", "Cripple" and "Confusion" (Vanilla enchantment recipe)
  • Scaled Satchel and Zhorn's Hunting Backpack - Enchantment Primal Spirit - +9% Moving Speed, +50% resistance to "Pain"
  • Strongbox Backpack - Enchantment Bastion - +2 Protection, +15% Impact resistance, +5% Physical resistance
  • Trader Backpack - Enchantment Master Trader - +60 Carry Capacity


  • Chalcedony Backpack - No longer restricts dodge, 85 carry capacity; Crafting recipe - Boozu Backpack, 2 Chalcedony, Nephrite Gem.
  • Glowstone Backpack - Can be used instead of the Lexicon
  • Light Mender's Backpack or Mage's Backpack - Now has every elemental version, no longer restricts dodge, 60 carry capacity; Crafting recipe - Any Mage's Backpack, Elemental Perticle, Varnish and respective Gem. Ruby/Fire, Sapphire/Ice, Opal/Lightning, Emerald/Decay, Hackmanite/Ethereal
  • Radiant Exoarms - Light Mender's arms, recipe can be found in the Spire of Light.

Any feedback is welcome on the Outward Modding Community Discord server in #Proboina-Workshop Channel

Special thanks to people who provided me with code

  • Emo
  • ehaugh
  • Breadcrumb Lord
  • JohBenji

I couldn't have done it without you!


1.0.0 - initial release
1.1.0 - Added enchanting recipes to Vendors, scattered a couple around the world; Added a new backpack - Radiant Exoarms; Removed Bleed status resist to Apothecary enchant, added some carry capacity bonus instead