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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Lua Mod Loader for Risk of Rain Returns

Preferred version: 1.0.33


Artifact of Communism

when active, items picked up by players are permanently distributed to their allies and to their enemies. when consumable items such as Dio's Best Friend are used by a player, they will also no longer be given to newly spawned enemies and allies

seems to work in multiplayer for the most part, but there might be unknown crashes and desync issues, who knows

configurable blacklist

a window in the ReturnOfModding UI provides a checkbox for every item in the game, to disable chosen items from being given to enemies (players and their allies still receive them) sane defaults are provided, blacklisting items i consider impossible and/or unfun to play against

the current blacklist is saved to config

there is also a hardcoded list of items that will never be given to non-players no matter what, mostly for items which just break/crash the game


  • Miguelito and Umigatari from the RoRR modding disc for playtesting multiplayer with me