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Currently adds 20 high quality, balanced cards with fully animated icons.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

willis81808-UnboundLib-2.6.2 icon

This is a helpful utility for ROUNDS modders aimed at simplifying common tasks.

Preferred version: 2.6.2
BepInEx-BepInExPack_ROUNDS-5.4.1100 icon

BepInEx pack for ROUNDS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1100
Pykess-CardChoiceSpawnUniqueCardPatch-0.1.2 icon

Patches erroneous logic in the base game CardChoice method SpawnUniqueCard

Preferred version: 0.1.2
Pykess-ModdingUtils-0.1.3 icon

Utilities aimed at making modding easier and more accessible

Preferred version: 0.1.3
TeamDK-ZeroGBulletPatch-1.0.0 icon

Fixes trajectories of zero-gravity bullets

Preferred version: 1.0.0
Pykess-PlayerJumpPatch-0.0.2 icon

Patches the erroneous PlayerJump.Jump function in the base game

Preferred version: 0.0.2


  • Bud's Cards * Checkout BudsMaps for some cool maps too!


There are currently 20 well balanced cards with fully animated icons included:

  • Actual Bullets: Insanely More Bullet Speed; +0.75s Reload Time
  • Block Tonic: A Lot Less Block Cooldown
  • Bolt Action: Loads Less Reload Time; More Bullet Speed; More Damage; Max Ammo set to 1
  • Dual Mag: Double Ammo; +0.5s Reload Time
  • Firepower Tonic: Some ATSKPD; Some Damage; Some Bullet Speed
  • Gun Hammer: Loads Less Bullet Spread; More Damage; +0.25s Reload Time
  • Health Tonic: Some HP; Some Regen
  • Shrapnel Rounds: Loads More Damage; A Lot Lower Bullet Speed
  • Unicellular: Loads Less Size; Slightly Less HP
  • Sawed Off Barrel: More Movement Speed; Slightly More Jump Height; Slightly More Attack Speed; Slightly More Gun Spread
  • Atomic Bullets: Insta Kill Bullets; +9s Reload Time; A Lot Less ATKSPD; A Lot Less Bullet Speed;
  • Windy Rounds: Loads More Knockback
  • Light Rounds: Loads More ATKSPD; Double Ammo; -1s Reload Time; A Lot Less Damage
  • Storm In A Bottle: +40 Jumps; A Lot Less Jump Height
  • Ammunition Crate: +3 Ammo, +0.5s Reload Time
  • Pack A Power: Upgraded Power; +8s Block Cooldown; Less HP
  • Double Points: Double ammo, bullets, health, and size.
  • Cloud In A Bottle: +3 Jumps
  • Sentience: Blocks push you backwards; Lower Block Cooldown
  • Weeping Rounds: Indefinite Bullet Slow; Loads Less Damage; +4s Reload Time; Hald Bullet Speed; 20 Bullets



1.2.2 Fixed a patch note error. Fixed a typo in Bolt Action. Reworked Double Points to be a bit more refined. Reworked Health Tonic to be a bit more refined. Buffed Dual Mag slightly.

1.2.1 Fixed a bug with the card art for Unicellular. Added 2 new cards:

  • Sentience (reworked)
  • Weeping Rounds

1.2.0 I had lost the source code and had to decompile and reconstrust the mod. Many improvements have been made. Fixed a bug where the art would be displayed furher behind the card, and appeared like a portal. Fixed bug where simple descriptions were forced. (Ex: Loads More vs. 80% More) Reworked Double Points. Removed Sentience. Buffed Cloud In A Bottle. Buffed Storm In A Bottle. Buffed Firepower Tonic. Renamed Unicellular Organism to Unicellular. Renamed Shrapnel Based Rounds to Shrapnel Rounds.

1.1.4 Improved animations of a few cards. Buffed Gun Hammer. Fixed issue with Cloud In A Bottle not working with a specific mod. Rebalanced Clpud In A Bottle. Added 1 new card:

  • Storm In A Bottle

1.1.3 Patched a few small issues.

1.1.2 Balanced a few cards. Patched small visuals issue with a few cards. Added 2 new cards:

  • Pack A Power
  • Double Points

1.1.1 Balanced a few cards.

1.1.0 Balanced a few cards. Added 5 new cards, and removed 1 card:

  • Removed Evasive, and replaced it with Sentience
  • Sentience
  • Windy Rounds
  • Light Rounds
  • Cloud In A Bottle
  • Ammunition Crate

1.0.3 Patched a small issue with the description.

1.0.2 Added 2 new cards:

  • Sawed Off Barrel
  • Atomic Bullets

1.0.1 Patched a small issue with the description.

1.0.0 (7/20/22 Release) Initial release including:

  • Actual Bullets
  • Block Tonic
  • Bolt Action
  • Dual Mag
  • Evasive
  • Firepower Tonic
  • Gun Hammer
  • Health Tonic
  • Shrapnel Based Rounds
  • Unicellular Organism