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Adds a system for buying passage between certain islands

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


• Adds a system that allows the player to buy passage to different port, for a (pretty high) fee.

Configuration notes: You can adjust a multiplier for the prices of global passages and local passages separately from the configuration file.
Passage system explanation:
• You can find a PassageDude stand in most ports, they always have an orange canvas and an orange banner that is easy to spot;
• Clicking on the book on the PassageDude table will open a small UI, read it and click the only button to open the full passage UI;
• The passage ui is copied from similar to the mission UI. There is a local and a world tab showing the passage offers from the current port;
• Minor islands will have fewer offer available and no passages to other islands;
• Major ports will have more offer and inter archipelago passages. Oasis and Happy Bay only have world passages and no local passages;
• Offer expire 1 day after they are generated (local offers) or 2 days after (global offers);
• You can only travel to and from island that have a PassageDude available (list below);
• When selecting a passage offer, you can see some relevant informations:
• Distance;
• Cost;
• Time;
• Risk;
• Cost is based on the distance and on the boat used, and has some random fluctuations;
• Time is given in a range. Whether the passage is going to take more or less time in this range is based on the risk. Higher risk means a longer passage is more likely; • A passage going against the trade winds will also take a little longer than one goind with the trade winds;
• Risk is based on distance, on the archipelagos crossed and on the boat chosen.
• As an example, the brig is the safest boat, but also the most expensive one to travel on. The junk is faster, but slightly more risky.

NOTE: Passages are really expensive as I imagined this mods for a late game situation, however they can be adjusted from the configuration file.
Port with PassageDudes:
• AL'ANKH: Gold Rock, Al'Nilem, Neverdin, Albacore, Oasis;
• EMERALD: Dragon Cliff, New Port, Crab Beach, Sage Hills;
• AESTRIN: Fort Aestrin, Sunspire, Mt. Malefic, Siren Song, Happy Bay;
• LAGOON: Fire Fish Town, Kicia Bay;

Requirements: Requires BepInEx
Installation: Download the and extract it into the ...\Sailwind\BepInEx\plugins folder.
Game version: 0.27+
Mod Version: 1.0.0
Warning: Making a backup of your save is advisable before installing new mods, however this mod should not cause any issue with saves.