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Pinnacle perpetually provides premium pin performance.

Date uploaded 3 months ago
Version 1.10.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2202 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202



Pinnacle perpetually provides premium pin performance.

Pinnacle - At a Glance

New Feature

  • You can now use a keyboard shortcut for adding a Pin!
  • Set the shortcut in ConfigurationManager under Minimap.Actions > addPinAtMouseShortcut.



  • Edit existing pins and add new pins with more icon types!

    Pinnacle - Edit an Existing Pin

  • Edit an existing pin
    • Left-click on an existing pin on the map.
    • The PinEditPanel will toggle on with the default pin data.
    • You can modify the pin name, icon and position.
    • You can toggle the pin checked state and shared state.
  • Add a new pin
    • Left-double-click on the target point on the map to add a new pin.
    • The PinEditPanel will toggle on with default pin data.
  • Click anywhere on the map without a pin to toggle off the PinEditPanel.


  • Lists all your pins or filter them by pin name!

    Pinnacle - Show the PinListPanel

  • Show/hide the PinListPanel
    • Press Tab (configurable) to toggle the PinlistPanel on and off.
    • All pins will initially be listed and pin count shown on the bottom.
  • Filter pins by name
    • Enter text in the input field at the top of the panel.
    • Pins will by filtered by matching text in their name.
  • Center map on pin
    • Left-click on the target pin row and the map will center onto that pin
    • Scrolling animation can be disabled by setting CenterMap.lerpDuration config to 0.
  • Reposition the PinListPanel
    • Left-click on an open space on the panel and drag to reposition.
  • Resize the PinListPanel
    • Hover near the bottom-right corner to show the resize button.
    • Left-click and drag on this button to resize the panel.


  • Filter pins on the map by any icon type (replaces vanilla panel).

    Pinnacle - PinFilterPanel

Map Teleporting

  • Requirements!
    • devcommands must be enabled via console.
    • You must be in single-player mode or the local server-host.
  • Teleport to map point
    • Hold LeftShift and click on the target point on the map.
  • Teleport to pin position
    • Hold LeftShift and click on the target row in the PinListPanel.


  • Important/critical configuration options are available (more to come later).

    Pinnacle - Configuration

  • Changing the Minimap.Pin font/font-size
    • These two options are available once you are logged into any world.





  • Removed custom Player pin creation added in v1.2.1 as vanilla game no longer orphans Player pins.


  • Updated for the v0.217.46 patch.
  • Bumped up <LangVersion> to C# 10.
  • Code clean-up and refactoring.


  • Extracted changelog into
  • Added config option PinListPanelShowPinPosition to toggle the Pin.Position columnns in the PinListPanel.
  • Added config option PinListPanelEditPinOnRowClick to show the PinEditPanel when clicking on a row in the PinlistPanel.
  • Adjusted PinListPanel to be a bit more compact.


  • Added a new feature to add a Minimap.Pin using keyboard shortcut.


  • Updated for v0.217.31 patch.
  • Fixed a bug where Pin.Font and Pin.FontSize was not correctly applied to the PinMarker.PinName prefab.
  • Converted all Terminal commands to ComfyCommand format.
  • Removed temporary debugging pinnacle-namepindata-clearall Terminal command.
  • Pin Import/Export commands now read and write the new PinData.m_author field.


  • Fixed a bug in PinListPanel.SetTargetPins() where it was not fetching Heightmap info for pins with Y values == 0.
  • Modified Pinnacle.TeleportTo to fetch Heightmap info when targetPosition.y == 0.


  • Removed the targetPosition.y override in the TeleportTo() helper method as this is now handled by vanilla code.


  • Fixed a bug where you could not add a new pin if the 'Death' pin icon was selected.
  • Changed permission level for resetmap command to be useable without cheats.
  • Minor code refactoring.


  • Fixed for the v0.217.22 patch.


  • Added Game.UpdateNoMap() transpiler patch to fix for a vanilla bug where the minimap will close whenever global keys are received.
  • Refactored logging methods to also log to chat.


  • Fixed for v0.217.14 patch.
  • Migrated all UI.Text usage to new TMP_Text.
  • PinListPanel: pin names for pins with no name will be italicized.
  • PinListPanel: pin names starting with '$' will be localized for display.
  • Fixed Pin name font and font-size wiring for TMP_Text, limited to built-in TMP_FontAssets only (for now).


  • Fixed build errors for v0.216.9 PTB update.
  • Added new project reference to ui_lib_publicized.dll.
  • Converted Minimap.ShowPinNameInput() from postfix-patch to prefix-patch due to signature/behaviour change.


  • Re-wrote the entire Minimap.UpdatePlayerPins() prefix patch again to better update player pins.


  • Hot-fix for the hot-fix because I forgot to specify gameObject for destroy.


  • Hot-fix for orphaned player pin names: rewrote entire Minimap.UpdatePlayerPins() with prefix patch.


  • Fixed a bug where pin name text was not removed when pins were removed.
  • Temporary hot-fix for player pin names not updating/moving until you zoomed all the way out.
  • Updated BepInEx dependency to denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2100.


  • Updated for the v0.214.2 patch.
  • Added new prototype UIBuilder.CreateSuperellipse() for more rounded panels.
  • Updated mod icon to a new one created by @jenniely.


  • Added new commands for exporting pins to a file in binary or text format.
  • Added new command for import pins from a binary file.
  • Refactored plugin configuration code.


  • Fixed a bug where the PinEditPanel would not default the Pin.Icon to the last selected one.


  • Fixed label for the Z-value in VectorCell incorrectly showing 'X'.
  • Removed code in UIBuilder.CreateRoundedCornerSprite() that saved the sprite to disk, was used for debugging.


  • Fixed a bug where the PinEditPanel was blocking map-movement when toggled off.


  • Initial release.