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Farm system with animals, vegetable and fruit plantations, buildings and items. Release the farmer within you.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2202 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


For Questions or Comments go to: Marlton's Channel or to my website: Marlthon's Website

Description (Please read)

FarmHeim is a Farm system with animals, vegetable and fruit plantations, buildings and items. Release the farmer within you.
There are 11 families of animals, each family consisting of a male, female and cub.
To plant, you will have 13 types of vegetables and 4 types of fruit trees at your disposal.
You will be able to create recipes with the mod's meats and vegetables, including sweet and savory pies, soups, salads and others.
types of food, which can be prepared in the cauldron (Vanilla), oven (Vanilla) and in the Cooking Stations (Vanilla).
In the construction part, you have fences, gates and decorative items that make your home more comfortable. The animals drop meat, skins and some poop, which is used as waste for crops.
Chickens and Ducks lay eggs that can be used in recipes or hatched in the incubator to generate new birds.
Use the FarmHeim Saddle to mount and ride horses.
The mod is available in the following languages:
Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian Spanish and Swedish.


This MOD is free to play alone or offline, to play in HostPC or a Dedicated Server you need to register and be a donor.
You are free to download and test this mod or play it offline.
Do not add this mod to your server or HostPC without first having your registration approved.


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Look out!

Haakon (Farmer Trader) only appear on new or upgraded maps

ADDING HAAKON (Farmer Trader) TO OLD MAPS (click to expand)

- Install FarmHeim mod.
- Install the UPGRADE WORLD mod.
- Start the game as administrator.
- Open the console and type: farmheimv1 If you want to use the mod's default.
- Or open the console and type: farmheimv2 If you want only the seller location to spawn so you can add your own seller.
- Wait for the process to finish, it takes between 20 or 30 seconds.


My sincere thanks to @LunchBox, @Jere, @HugotheDwarf and to everyone who in some way contributed to making this mod a reality.

FarmHeim Photo Gallery

FarmHeim Presentation Video

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Whow to:

How to feed and reproduce animals? (click to expand)
Cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, donkeys, chickens and ducks feed on all vegetables and fruits produced at FarmHeim and almost all vanilla vegetables and fruits.
The dogs and cats eat all the meat produced at FarmHeim and almost all vanilla meat.
For animals to reproduce, they must be fed and have a male and a female of the same species.
How to use eggs? (click to expand)
Chicken and duck eggs do not hatch on their own, so chicks are born and need to be placed in the Brooder.
You can use eggs to make some recipes.
Where can I get FarmHeim Flour? (click to expand)
Some seeds can be ground into flour in the Stone Grinder, add Sunflower seeds, corn seeds, Pumpkin seeds and Barley seeds to the grinder and wait.
How to use the cages? (click to expand)
After purchasing your cage with the chosen animal on Haakon, for the animal to appear, simply throw the cage on the
floor in the same way you discard items from the bag and wait a few seconds.
How to use the brooder? (click to expand)
Add the eggs through the brooder door and place corn in the basket, after 45 seconds the egg will be incubated and your baby bird will appear.
How to use milk-cow? (click to expand)
Add a handful corn to the milk cow's basket and after a few minutes it will produce milk, the milk can be used in recipes or consumed fresh,
the milk will give you HP, Stamina and Eitr regeneration.
Where can I get Handful Corn? (click to expand)
The Handful Corn can be purchased at Haakon (Farmer Trader).
How do I get the African Bee Hive? (click to expand)
Buy an African Queen Bee from Haakon (Farmer Trader) and use it to build your hive. The African bee hive produces more honey in less time than vanilla bees.
How do I produce FarmHeim food? (click to expand)
FarmHeim foods can be prepared in the cauldron (Vanilla), oven (Vanilla) and in the Cooking Stations (Vanilla). Some recipes use salt, salt is sold by Haakon.
Why can't I create a piece or item? (click to expand)
As with Vanilla items and pieces, for pieces and items to appear in FarmHeim menus you need to have contact with the recipe materials.
How to plant FarmHeim vegetables and plants? (click to expand)
Using the Vanilla Cultivator, but by default FarmHeim vegetables and plants need fertilizer (poop) and the chosen seed.
Where can I get fertilizer (poop)? (click to expand)
Some animals like cows, pigs, goats, sheep, horses and donkeys poop, you can also buy Fertilizer (poop) at Haakon.
I can't add ScareCrow to terrain. (click to expand)
ScareCrow can only be placed on cultivable land, when added it creates a monster-free area with a radius of 25 meters.
My animals don't want to eat. (click to expand)
If you are talking about baby animals, none of them really eat, even if they appear to be hungry, it is not necessary to feed the babies, they will grow even without eating.
Where can I find Haakon?(Farmer Trader) (click to expand)
If you are using a new map, that is, a map that was already generated with FarmHeim installed, Haakon will appear in Meadows
between 400 and 1500 meters from the center of the map, A rake icon will appear on the map.
If you added FarmHeim to a map that already existed, follow the ADDING HAAKON (Farmer Trader) TO OLD MAPS tutorial.
Where to get and how to use RanchMan? (click to expand)
The ranchman can be purchased from Haakon, to use it just throw (discard) his cage on the floor
and wait a few seconds, he will feed the animals by dropping 2 items (Dandelion) at a time, it
is not possible to change the Ranchman's settings and he was created to feed only FarmHeim animals
or animals that eat Dandelion.
Rachman can follow you, he doesn't have any attacks and to remove him you can kill him with the butcher's knife.
Is FarmHein a paid mod? (click to expand)
It depends on your point of view, to play offline or singleplayer it is completely free, all content will be available
in singleplayer even if you don't make any donations or register. There is no content blocking in the mod.
Only to play Multiplayer online (HostPC or on Dedicated Servers) is it necessary to be a donor and register. Only the Server
or HostPC needs to donate, the players who will connect to the server or hostpc do not need to be donors or register.

Manual Install

Mod is required on Server for Config Sync (this is still in development).

Download the latest copy of Bepinex per author's instructions.

Place the FarmHeim.dll inside of the "Bepinex\plugins" folder.

For Questions or Comments go to: Marlton's Channel or add me on discord: Marlthon#6144

KeyManager Disclaimer

Latest ChangeLog

- Updated PieceManager, LocationManager and MaterialReplacer.
- Compatible with Valheim 0.217.46 (Patch)
Previous ChangeLog (click to expand)
- Fixed issue with pork and rabbit pies.

- Added Ranchman which automatically feeds the animals.

- Added bird house that generate feathers.

- dll optimization

- White Stallion now only appear if they have 1 or 2 stars.
- Added the option to only spawn the Farmer Trader scenario. (For server admin to add their own NPC).

- Changed animal drop rate
- Added White Stallion
- Modified status of some foods
- I recommend deleting the old .cfg before updating the mod

- Animals no longer do this because there is no longer a need for poop to plant.
- Removed scarecrow effects. (I recommend deleting the old .cfg before updating the mod)

- Small fixes. (I recommend deleting the old .cfg before updating the mod)

- Added ScareCrow.

- Fixed the command to spawn Haakon on old maps.
- Added KeyManager warning to MOD description page.

- First version released, First version released, server sync active. (Will override player config if installed to server)