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Make the gravity scoop, space worthy.

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Common functionality for my plugins, including implementing the base plugin structure and custom storage & logging support.

Preferred version: 0.0.4


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0   Github - Maverik   Discord - Maverik    Ko-Fi

Void Crew - Better Scoop

Make the gravity scoop, space worthy.


🤔 Why this mod?

Ask any pilot and they will tell you the frustration of trying to scoop the loot in middle of the combat. What's worse is that you can create infinite tether, if you're boosting and turning. Eventually, if you turn the scoop off to reset, you'll send items flying into the sun. If you've never experienced this, count yourself lucky!


The default scoop has as a pull range of about the size of a destroyer length roughly speaking which really isn't a lot. It's barely responsive and is just outright unusable if you are using my Higher Difficulty mod.

💡With this Mod

The scoop gains powers that make it a pleasure to use finally.

  • It is a lot more responsive.
  • It has a range of 750m before engineer boost (you really shouldn't boost it unless you really need to like trying to find loot you can't spot easily).
  • It has enough pull velocity to keep up with a boosting ship with a fully perked pilot.
  • It doesn't need resetting every two minutes. If it's not pulling its because it's full not because it's stuck (generally speaking).
  • It has now learned to avoid pulling power fuses, oxygen tanks & lures.

Once you start using this, you'll wonder how is this not part of the game already 😄

📀 Runs on

  • ✅ Host
  • ⬜ Client
  • ⬜ Both


⏬ Manual Install

📃 Prerequisite

This is a BepInEx 5 mod and as such requires that you have BepInEx 5 installed and working properly. If you've not done that yet, please go to their documentation on how to get it installed.

You want the Stable (5.x - 5.4.22 LTS at the time of writing) MONO build when you're presented with choices.

If you already know how to get BepInEx working, head over to their Releases to grab the latest copy.

👌 Recommended

My mods support configuration through BepInEx Configuration Manager and I'd recommend you grabbing that as well to be able to tweak the mod to your own tastes.

✔️ Mod install

So you've got a working BepInEx 5 Mono installation running successfully. Now you can download this mods zip file. Unzip the contents into your game directory where you have your Void Crew.exe.

You should find the mod installed under Bepinex\plugins as BetterScoop.dll.

👋 Shoutout

While I've had many people help me out by offering me feedback on how the balance was feeling, helping me shape the balance that my mods are in one person in particular has been happy to endure my experiments and many mission fails while I adjusted settings or tried new things.

So here's a shoutout to you my friend: Blaze.

Without your patience and company, I probably would not have poured hundreds of hours I've put in making the mods and even writing all the code that builds these readme files or store packaging!


⚖️ License

This work by Maverik is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 CCBYNCSA

✍️ Source Code

The code for this mod is available at Github

🙏 Wanna say thank you?

I do love a Starbucks Classic Hot Chocolate! If you enjoy my labour of love and would like to support my guilty pleasure, the gesture is highly appreciated!