Mods uploaded by Bubbet

Bubbet StartingItemsGuiPatch
Allows for access to the starting items gui in a lobby, get items over time instead of all at once via command orbs(configurable, default on), also enables all earning modes to be active at once(configurable)
Last updated: 17 hours ago
Bubbet Bhop
Adds bhopping from source as an item. Green rarity.
Last updated: 2 days ago
Allows for full replacement of skin mdl prefabs. Allowing for different skeletons in your skins among other things.
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
Bubbet ModItemsChest
Seperates mod items from chest behavior, and puts it into its own chest.
Last updated: 2 months ago
Bubbet KookehsDropItemPatch
Blacklists tonic affliction from being dropped. Configurables: Require a scrapper nearby, Require another player nearby to drop lunar items.
Last updated: 3 months ago