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Artifact Modifact

Modifies bits of the game so that way you can have a lot of control how it functions! Esp. the artifacts.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-3.2.0 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 3.2.0
tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.4.10 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.4.10



By Mylifefighter aka CMC-Theories aka ChaseCraig

My house is wayyyyy too close to the coastal fires, so here is an update :-)

A mod that allows for customizing your risk of rain experience.

  • Did you want to change what could drop from an enemy when using the Sacrifice Artifact? Well now you can change the drop rates of the various tiers of items.

  • Did you want to change how often things drop from enemies when using the Sacrifice Artifact? Well now you can!

  • Did you not want to have a boring old function for a drop rate? Well now you can spice it up with your very own custom drop function! (Limited to the processing capability of your system)

  • Did you ever feel that only having 1 Aurelionite was just too boring? Well now you can change how many spawn on the teleporter event!

  • Did you ever feel that the queen guard and the aurelionite are boring without items? Well now you can have it add random items to them to spice things up! (Planned: copy items, copy some items)

  • Did you ever... (I'm kidding, this hurts you and me, see below for "full" details, even I forgot what I added into this overhaul (config-haul?) modpack )

Please contact Mylifefighter#8823 on Discord if you find any issues besides known bugs.


  1. Install BepInEx Mod Pack
  2. Install R2API
  3. Download the latest RoROverhaul.dll here (Or, you know, use the direct download button on the Thunderstore...)
  4. Move the RoROverhaul.dll, Microsoft.CSharp.dll and MiniRpcLib.dll to your \BepInEx\plugins folder.


  1. Launch the game once with the mod installed, begin a run, and then close it down to generate the configuration files. Yes it is annoying to have to start a run but it was the best point to do the loading.
  2. Go to \BepInEx\config\RoROverhaul and open mylifefighter.sacrificeart.xxxx.cfg, where xxxx is the part of the mod you wish to edit.

Available Customization

  • Aurelionite and Beetle Guard Allies can spawn with x random items, y hp boosts and z damage boosts.

  • Beetle Guards can spawn with x% of the items from their masters.

  • Customizable drop chance for enemies for the Sacrifice Artifact, including customizability on what drops (including all of the tiers (including boss :)!)

  • Command artifact now has an armor parameter. So when you are in the menu you get some temporary armor (if you change it!).

  • Swarm artifact can influence how many enemies spawn for every 1 original spawn, what is the exp/gold/hp/damage cut/multiplier.

  • Vengence artifact (Doppelganger!!! :O ) can now be modified to control anything from % of items to percentage randomized to damage,hp,exp,gold cuts (Oh and you can control how many, it is fun to see 20 of them coming at you with like 6 hp :P)

  • Spite artifact (BOMBS) can now be modified to control blast range, amount, etc.

  • Want an interactable to spawn in a level? Well you can force them to spawn as well! (Note not everything is implemented because I think having Gold spires in regular levels might make things...interesting).

  • Make the artifact of evolution even more devistating by increasing the amount of items spawned, what types, and possibly even letting them get boss/lunar items per round!!!

  • Make yourself wanting to use the shrine of order with blacklisting items, making items more likely to be choosen, making it so item ratios don't matter in selection, and even transmutting a tier entirely to lunar coins!

  • Ya like your chests in sacrifice? Well add them back in with the blacklist configuration mod! (You can also blacklist even more interactables if you want to).

  • New helper file to store all the information about using the custom functions!!'

  • Hey look! I actually made it listen to other mods like BetterSwarm (configurable), ItemDropList and Multitudes!

  • If you want to give X amount of each item to the monsters in the evolution artifact, you can now do that.

Custom function guide (For those who want even more flavor)

This mod features usage of my custom function generator, this allows for you to take various parameters and combine them to a single float value. It is effectively like typing in an equation into a calculator.

A typical function looks like this: 0 - 5 * x / LOG((10.5 + t) / cd)(2)

The only unique things are as follows: You must be explicit when writing negative numbers (so -x is written as 0 - x), and comma's don't exist, so to do multi-parameter functions you use 2 parenthesis statements, oh and be explicit with multiplication.

Available functions are:

  • Round(x), Floor(x), Ceil(x), Log(x)(base), Abs(x), Min(x)(y), Max(x)(y), Rand(low)(high), Neg(x)

  • +, -, *, /, ^



A: Bad, Bad! No more breaking my utility function with negative luck!

Q: I am getting a mod mismatch error!

A: I turned that feature off in 1.8.1 so it has to be something else o-0. While this may be an actual issue and please let me know if it is, but I have opted into having my mod checked against the server and the version must also match!

Q: I am force spawning >500 items and it..

A: You are pushing the spawner to its limits (since it needs to find a node to SPAWN things, be careful as this can cause lag, trash and make the game just look cluttered.

Q: Why aren't my beetle guards inheriting my beetle glands?

A: Ya want recursion? 'Cuz that is how you will get recursion. Your beetle guards will get beetle guards, and those guards would get guards.... (you crash approximately 100 layers in)

Q: I am getting a -0.5 is not supported.

A: Due to the interpretter for your functions is severly limited, you must do explicit subtractions (so 0 - 0.5 to get the negative of 0.5).

Q: There is a LOT OF LAG at the start of a game!

A: That is because I am currently loading my config files upon starting the game, sadly this leads to about 3-5 seconds of startup lag. Ping me if you have a better hook that is after items have been loaded.

Q: I am somehow trying to understand your code.

A: Trust me, this is a hobby and mostly just hacky solutions.

Q: Hey I disabled all equipment drops except for the affixes using ItemDropList but they don't drop!

A: That is because I do follow RoR2 spawning guidelines that only the elites can drop affixes, and they will only drop their affixes. Well, I didn't test the last part with command so idk.

Q: How did you change your scripts to use Multitudes?

A: Simple! I disabled all of my code that allowed for manipulating scene generation...that is it. So now you can't do that (boo) but you still can force spawns (yay).

Q: Can I ping ya on discord?

A: Sure! Just know that I am often busy so I might not get back to ya immediately.

Q: Have you tested your latest patches?

A: Sadly, no. I barely play the game any more ( insert trademark symbol here)).

Q: Hey you claimed you updated XXX, but it still doesn't work from last time?

A: If you encounter this and you have used my mod before, make sure that you refresh the config files.

Q: Is 1.8.6 true?

A: Yep. A lot of states are on fire. Hurrah 2020 is a terrible year.

Known Bugs

  • I use HarmonyAPI, I use prefix, and I do return false.

  • One of the boss types (the ghost or the annoying green thing?) won't tint the screen according to some users, I haven't seen this myself but I will be testing it and seeing if it is indeed the case.

  • Blacklisting everything in a tier should now be patched to be nicer...but still can break other things.


  • Extreme desyncs with beetle glands in multiplayer, no known idea what is wrong.

  • Tiler2 library seems to conflict with my mod for force spawning structures? What?

  • Random bug where swarm mod just dies after a while...

  • Something about the order shrine, if you find it, ping me because I lost the bug report T_T



  • Noticed that luck is not included in drop chance, so now there is a config for that.
  • Noticed that RoR2 mod manager includes a config editor. My modpack will not work with it sadly (just due to the nature of the beast). However I could add a config to enable it to generate the files outside of the folder instead of inside of them, but that will clutter all of the config files. I'm taking a poll if that should happen.


  • Updated to support newest version of the game.
  • Added more bugs to the bug list...
  • Added debugging level to the game, allowing finer control of what gets printed. (From info to spamming).
  • Multiplayer is hard...


  • Alerted to a dozen bugs o-0
  • Order Shrine now properly gives you the NUMBER of items, not the number of types of items
  • Beetle Guards should now not duplicate with swarm...
  • Aureleonite debugging switch was left on (OOPPSS)
  • Doppelganger actually has the doppelganger item! It should now drop a random item
  • Doppelganger can now drop multiple items! (Note it will lag if you have it drop everything (AS IT DROPS AS PICKUPS!)
  • Doppelganger now can drop ANYTHING (I found that annoying that it is weighted based on finding items of that rarity (so like, only blue playthrough means you won't get a thing!)


  • Added evolution replicaton field, the larger the value, then the more of the same item will be given at the next stage.
  • Fixed an issue regarding flying stone golems when obtaining a purity lunar item.


  • Fixed bugs.
  • Fixed the whole purity bug where you get immediately succeed any and all luck rolls
  • Added a whole lot of catch statements to check if you have nothing able to spawn, 'cuz ya know, giving a player nothing breaks reality (and the fourth wall!)
  • Added LunarScavengarBag to forced spawns, so if you really want to earn lunar credits like a loon, you can just force spawn like 10 and it just works.


  • Added some stuff to improve mod-to-mod interactions
  • Items are now only referencing the items available, meaning that you (or your allies or your enemies) won't somehow get access to 47 leaf clover without you unlocking it first.
  • Removed configuring spawn weights for items in the scene. Allowing/disallowing certain items to spawn in sacrifice should still work.


  • 1.0 Release! WOOHOO! Great game Hopoo Games!
  • Updated code, patched some stuff, cleaned up the readme.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2020-9-14 1.8.6 1470 Version 1.8.6 Install
2020-9-7 1.8.5 428 Version 1.8.5 Install
2020-8-28 1.8.4 618 Version 1.8.4 Install
2020-8-25 1.8.3 425 Version 1.8.3 Install
2020-8-25 1.8.2 111 Version 1.8.2 Install
2020-8-24 1.8.1 225 Version 1.8.1 Install
2020-8-19 1.8.0 536 Version 1.8.0 Install
2020-7-23 1.7.0 553 Version 1.7.0 Install
2020-5-13 1.6.1 733 Version 1.6.1 Install
2020-4-30 1.6.0 451 Version 1.6.0 Install
2020-4-14 1.5.7 548 Version 1.5.7 Install
2020-4-14 1.5.6 174 Version 1.5.6 Install
2020-4-13 1.5.5 170 Version 1.5.5 Install
2020-4-13 1.5.4 204 Version 1.5.4 Install
2020-4-13 1.5.3 114 Version 1.5.3 Install
2020-4-10 1.5.2 382 Version 1.5.2 Install
2020-4-10 1.5.1 186 Version 1.5.1 Install
2020-4-10 1.5.0 127 Version 1.5.0 Install
2020-4-8 1.4.1 275 Version 1.4.1 Install
2020-4-8 1.4.0 189 Version 1.4.0 Install
2020-4-6 1.3.4 379 Version 1.3.4 Install