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More config options, bug fixes, and a few optimizations. Read changelog for more details. Icons are temporary. Feel free to improve them! This mod is based from ThinkInvis.ClassicItems. Add missing classic items from Risk of Rain 1.

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Adds items from Risk of Rain 1 which didn't make the cut.

Preferred version: 4.6.4

Chen's Classic Items


An extension mod for ThinkInvis.ClassicItems!

This mod also adds items (and artifacts) from Risk of Rain 1 that did not make it to Risk of Rain 2.


Use r2modman mod manager to install this mod.

Current Additions


  • Distortion : Lock a random skill per interval. Both active and passive skills can be locked.
  • Origin : Summon the Imp Army to destroy you. Imp Overlords will drop a Pearl or Irradiant Pearl once defeated
  • Spirit : Characters (both players and enemies) run faster at lower health.


  • Drone Repair Kit : Heals all drones you own as well as applying a regeneration buff.
  • Instant Minefield : Drop mines that are quickly fully armed upon landing.

Tier 1

  • Mortar Tube : Launch a mortar. Classic.

Tier 2

  • Arms Race : All drones you own will launch a missile or a mortar, or both.
  • Dead Man's Foot : Throw a mine upon taking serious damage that inflicts poison upon exploding.
  • Panic Mines : Throw a mine upon taking serious damage that inflicts damage.

Tier 3

  • AtG Missile Mk. 2 : AtG Missile Mk. 1 but better.
  • Thallium : Chance to inflict poison on enemies based on their own damage.


More Information

Check out the original ClassicItems made by ThinkInvisible.
- Thunderstore:
- GitHub:

Kirbsuke#0352 made the Artifact of Spirit icon.
- Contact: or through Discord.

Aromatic Sunday#2929 did offer to make icons, and thus included as an alternate version.


- Allow Imp Overlords spawned from Artifact of origin to drop a Pearl or Irradiant Pearl.
- Fix the Imps from Origin of a bug that apparently gives them an Equipment.
- Fix Dead Man's Foot explosion by actually adding an explosion effect.
- Add more config options for Artifact of Origin.
- Add a config for Panic Mines to let it self-destruct when the owner is gone.
- Reduced the default values for the config as they are too powerful.
- Update dependency to use the latest ClassicItems.

- Fix a bug with the Aritfact of Origin failing to parse bad items.

- Implement Artifact of Origin!
- Temporary icons for the new artifact.
- Vastly improve the code for Distortion mechanics.
- Change usage of TILER2 Helpers so that the cards will have proper text.

- Implement Artifact of Distortion!
- Temporary icons for the new artifact.
- Include alternate icons for Spirit artifact made by other people.

- Update the mod for a missing setup that prevents it from working correctly.

- Migrate the code to support new changes of TILER2.

- Fix bright mines bug. Replace Color with Color32.
- Update Artifact of Spirit icon.

- Fix bugs found with the Artifact of Spirit about misbhaving characters, like zooming off the map.
- Let Artifact of Spirit modify acceleration also to mitigate for their own new speed.

- Implement Artifact of Spirit!
- Temporary icon for Spirit artifact for now.
- Recolor the mines for an easier time differentiating which ones are which.

- Support Squid Polyps for use with Arms Race. Configurable.
- Squid Polyps are turned off by default, so turn it on in config if you want to buff them.

- Fix and improve some descriptions.
- Fix the actual version of the mod.
- Improve the code base and optimize some implementations.
- Add a short lore to Drone Repair Kit.

- Implement Thallium!
- Add BetterUI Compats for more descriptions regarding the skills for survivors.
- Update references for dependencies.

- Remove Gradius' Option. It is now included in a separate mod.

- Implement Drone Repair Kit!
- Remove the the sync logging as it apparently caused heavy lag.
- Add a config setting where the Options of Flame Drones will have reduced quality of effects to lessen the stress of processing and syncing.
- Add lore for Instant Minefield.
- Slight adjustments for config options in regards with TILER2 for correctness.

- Add logbook entry for Arms Race.
- Fix a terrible sync bug due to error in the modder's part.
- Nerfed base stats of Arms Race because it was too powerful. It is still configurable.

- Implement Arms Race!

- Change implementation of syncing Options and related effects due to reports of FPS drops.

- Implement Mortar Tube!
- Add more ItemStats details for all items.
- Allow Turrets to always update their position.

- Add a condition where the host is required to wait for all clients to be ready before sending the sync commands. This ensures that all clients will be synced.
- Remove a bunch of logs that are otherwise useless. Retained only some that may still cause bugs to help in bug reports.
- Improve code.

- Fix the Drones with Options hard crashing the game when entering bazaar.
- Fix the Options being duplicated when the player is revived in a stage by any means.
- Fix Multiplayer desync issues regarding the Option Spawning upon item pickup of Gradius' Option.
- Implement a queueing system for syncing to lessen desync and lessen bandwidth usage.
- Improve the code by letting linear behavior into client sided execution to lessen bandwidth usage.
- Allow destruction of Options upon losing the owner.
- Fix the flamethrower effect of Options to sync in multiplayer.
- Add a config for sync time to allow Options to behave properly in Multiplayer at the cost of delay through the queueing system.

- Fix some random exceptions found in mines related to animations.
- Add lore and better description for Gradius' Option.
- Allow Instant Minefield mines to only explode when landing.

- Implement Gradius' Option!
- Update mod icon to highlight the new item.

- Fix buff icon of Dead Man's Foot.
- Fix the exceptions being raised on Dead Man's Foot detonation.

- Add Beating Embryo support for Instant Minefield.

- Implement Instant Minefield!
- It's filled with mines nowadays.

- Implement Dead Man's Foot!
- Improve and clean code.

- Fix the items' icons added by ChensClassicItems because they display as white in the Command Menu.

- Removed DEBUG mode. Woops. My bad.

- Implement Panic Mines!
- Fix grammar errors found on AtG Missile Mk. 2.
- Attach the mod to the original ClassicItems even closer.

- Initial version. Adds the AtG Missile Mk. 2 item. Configurable.

Available versions

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2020-10-25 2.2.2 59 Install
2020-10-22 2.2.1 1546 Install
2020-10-22 2.2.0 72 Install
2020-10-20 2.1.0 1399 Install
2020-10-20 2.0.1 137 Install
2020-10-19 2.0.0 371 Install
2020-10-18 1.4.5 1414 Install
2020-10-17 1.4.4 558 Install
2020-10-17 1.4.3 147 Install
2020-10-16 1.4.2 968 Install
2020-10-13 1.4.1 1913 Install
2020-10-10 1.4.0 1582 Install
2020-10-9 1.3.1 1389 Install
2020-10-7 1.3.0 1307 Install
2020-10-6 1.2.1 740 Install
2020-10-6 1.2.0 242 Install
2020-10-6 1.1.1 114 Install
2020-10-6 1.1.0 130 Install
2020-10-5 1.0.3 624 Install
2020-10-4 1.0.2 717 Install
2020-10-2 1.0.1 1084 Install
2020-10-2 1.0.0 64 Install
2020-9-28 0.2.2 1697 Install
2020-9-25 0.2.1 1667 Install
2020-9-25 0.2.0 115 Install
2020-9-24 0.1.0 743 Install
2020-9-23 0.0.4 747 Install
2020-9-22 0.0.3 645 Install
2020-9-22 0.0.2 33 Install
2020-9-21 0.0.1 855 Install