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Stability update again for minor errors. Check changelog for more details. This mod aims to implement features from the Gradius series as well as from other classic shoot-em-up games.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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ThinkInvisible's Library of Extras for RoR2.

Preferred version: 3.0.4
tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.5.14 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.5.14

RoR2: Chen's Gradius Mod


This mod aims to implement features from the Gradius series as well as from other classic shoot-em-up games.


Use r2modman mod manager to install this mod.


Gradius' Option
Gradius' Option
- A new Red Item added to Risk of Rain 2. Upon receiving this item, all owned drones of the receiver will gain an Option/Multiple for each stack.
- Gradius is known for its feature of Options/Multiples where in these weapons are invulnerable to all damage, and are able to copy the full arsenal of the main ship.
- For this mod, the Options/Multiples will only copy the main attacks of the drone.
- All vanilla minions (both mechanical and organic) are supported. Only Equipment Drone is the exception.
- Options/Multiples are able to duplicate all attacks of Aurelionite. The Rock Turret will attack faster instead of being copied.
- Options/Multiples will only duplicate the ranged attack of Beetle Guards. Their melee attacks will have multiplied damage, however.
- Documentation is available for other mod creators. Check the wiki.

Contact & Support

More Information

Kirbsuke#0352 made the 3D model for the Option/Multiple, and later used for the icon.
- Contact: or through Discord.

manaboi#4887 helped me edit the icon to make it look like one with vanilla items.
- Contact: Through Discord.


- Allow Beetle Guards to have multiplied damage according to the number of Options they have.
- Fix a minor bug where some entities are getting trackers and allow them to self destruct if they cannot find the data they need.
- Fix a minor bug where the there were improper calls of uninstalling hooks.
- Optimize code where all needed effects are cached instead if being requeried especially in syncing in clients.
- Potentially made Option firing require more process but ensures it executes the code to destroy the effects.

- Update the mod to handle TILER2 helpers differently to avoid unloaded things on game start.
- Vastly improve the code by removing bandaid solutions.
- Option syncing should be faster now as well as Aurelionite management.
- Emergency Drone vanilla patch is now separated from the usual hooks.

- Just update the code so that other mod creators are able to support Options in their own content by adding public helpers. More information are in this repository's wiki.

- Update the mod for a missing setup that prevents it from working correctly.

- Update the mod to comply with the changes of TILER2.

- Fix a nasty bug where the Options do seem ignorant of the master's attacks, resulting to sometimes not copying the attacks.
- The issue where Aurelionite Option effects linger is also now fixed. It is related to the nasty bug discovered.

- Only spawn options for an allied Aurelionite.
- Support Squid Polyps and Beetle Guards to be able to utilize the Options.
- Add more config options to make effects adjustable.
- Allow some drones to sync sound effects for Options. Configurable.

- Disable debug version. Again. I am so sorry. Again.

- Allow Aurelionite from a Halcyon Seed to utilize Options.
- The owner of Aurelionite will be assigned to the player with the highest Halcyon Seed count.
- Fully compatible with multiplayer. Post an issue report or contact me if there are bugs.
- Change most of the defaults of config. Add more config options for adjusting effects.

- Fix more syncing and networking issues. Hopefully that is all of them.
- Add a sync setting for spawning as it fails when the syncing of options comes first before syncing the drone body.
- Implement a cosmetic feature to include the Option model inside the Orb. Configurable to turn it off for simplicity and better performance.
- Optimize some parts of code where there were repetitions.
- Improve the movement of Turret Drones' Rotate options so it looks cleaner.
- Pause Options when the game is paused.
- Add a sound effect when acquiring an Option.

- Disable debug version. I am so sorry.

- Update the icon for Gradius' Option.
- Let Turret Drones have Rotate Options, Options that orbit around the turret.
- Resize the Pickup models for Options as they were too large.

- Pull Gradius' Option from ChensClassicItems to a separate mod.
- Fix a bug where in depleting all Gradius' Option from inventory will not remove Options from drones.

Available versions

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2020-10-24 1.6.4 253 Install
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2020-10-21 1.6.2 328 Install
2020-10-20 1.6.1 327 Install
2020-10-19 1.6.0 141 Install
2020-10-17 1.5.1 591 Install
2020-10-16 1.5.0 499 Install
2020-10-15 1.4.1 264 Install
2020-10-15 1.4.0 6 Install
2020-10-12 1.3.4 749 Install
2020-10-11 1.3.3 524 Install
2020-10-10 1.3.2 27 Install
2020-10-9 1.3.1 500 Install