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Nullchecks ProjectileSteerTowardsTarget component

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# Unknown Error Fixes

If you've never gotten these errors then there's no point in downloading this mod.

A bunch of errors I have no idea how it could be fixed. Feel free to send me more shit to add nullchecks to.


[Error : Unity Log] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Stack trace: RoR2.Projectile.ProjectileSteerTowardTarget.FixedUpdate () (at <da7c19fa62814b28bdb8f3a9223868e1>:IL_0000)

Probably an error with Annihilator/Echo Elites. Error comes from if ( on the first line, except it doesn't check if targetComponent exists, which is doesn't, then floods console with the nullref. Which is weird, since the component is supposed to exist on the projectile? Attempting fix by adding a nullcheck for targetComponent.

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