Mods uploaded by FMRadio11

ENV Toggle
An attempt to port console's hover mechanics, including Hopoo Feather compatibility. (1.0.1 - fixed typos, forgot to add GitHub repo)
Last updated: 3 weeks ago
Randomly-applied changes to the stages' post-processing and lighting to create new color schemes. (0.1.1 - added missing title screen config and a bridge in default Titanic Plains)
Last updated: a month ago
MandoGaming Lite
Mando Gaming's vanilla content with some new changes/additions and an unused skill. (1.0.2 - fixed typos)
Last updated: 3 months ago
made this a few months ago for lab as a joke, have fun ig
Last updated: 3 months ago
Generates a config file that can be used to tweak the HP/Shield, regen, damage, armor, and speed of all vanilla survivors.
Last updated: 7 months ago
Mando Gaming
Adds new skills to Commando and rebalances his existing ones. (1.1.12 - Now works with RoR2 hotfix, nerfs to CD Heavy Tap and Phase Missile, Sweep Barrage fix)
Last updated: 9 months ago
Crowdfunder CDR
Provides several config options for buffing/nerfing the Crowdfunder, most notably allowing Fuel Cells/Gestures to influence windup time. (1.0.6 - Updating to recent hotfix, forgot to change internal ET dependency to R2API)
Last updated: 9 months ago
Beetle Queen Buff
Speeds up Beetle Queen's M1, lowers her skill cooldowns, and gives her additional health/armor.
Last updated: a year ago