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An OriginalSoundTrack mod that features even more tracks composed by Chris Christodoulou, many from Risk of Rain 1. Also features Starstorm 1 tracks! Client-side compatible.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 4.3.21



You will have to turn your music volume off in game, or else there will be overlapping music.

You will also have to use Volume Mixer to adjust the music volume if it's too loud.


This mod uses the OriginalSoundtrack mod by Kyle: https://thunderstore.io/package/Kyle/OriginalSoundTrack/

This mod adds many additional tracks composed by Chris Christodoulou to Risk of Rain 2 to give a sort of deluxe soundtrack feeling while maintaining the vanilla style as best as possible. Each pair of songs (main and teleporter) was selected to match the atmosphere of each environment. Some of these are intended to change the atmosphere of the environment entirely (like with Abandoned Aqueduct).

The soundtrack includes:

  • 27 Risk of Rain 2 tracks (with 1 more to be readded)

  • 10 Risk of Rain 1 tracks

  • 3 DEADBOLT tracks

  • 1 Wanderlust Adventures track

  • 1 Hexadecimal track

Additionally, 6 tracks from Starstorm 1 are included (with 1 more to be added), which are either remixes of Chris's songs or original tracks composed to fit Risk of Rain. The Starstorm 1 soundtrack is credited to someone by the name Neik, according to the Youtube playlist.


The full playlist for this mod can be found on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6kBdRqsu88ufj6W4R4m97ehCb4TDqZHT

It's just a compiliation tracks you can find on Chris's channel plus Starstorm tracks. I highly recommend checking these out, even if you're not interested in the playlist:

Chris Christodoulou's channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisChristodoulou

Starstorm 1 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-Dh3_VO4JV0vgV7EG2JaTHrzInSS11gt

Planned Changes

  • Additional subtle environmental effects into the songs to give some enviornments that little bit more flavor.

When it becomes possible to play music based on events other than the teleporter, then:

  • Add Coalescence as Commencement's "normal" theme
  • Move Double Fucking Rainbow to be Commencement's theme only with Eclipse 8, Inferno, or Artifact of the King active.
  • Add ...con lentitud poderosa as the escape music after defeating Mithrix.
  • Add Stranded from Starstorm 1 as the prelude to Voidling in the Planetarium.



Changed Bulwark's Ambry music from the original and Starstorm versions of Risk of Rain (the song) played sequentially to a custom mix of the two tracks. The custom mix progresses as follows:

Starstorm version first half -> Original version second half -> Original version first half -> Starstorm version second half -> loop

This should make it feel better to listen to for longer periods of time (since this is in Bulwark's Ambry) while hopefully retaining the feel of both songs. Note that this the only track that will be mixed like this; all other tracks will remain as being a single track for the future.

Changed the volume of some tracks. (I'm on two hours of sleep please help)



Fixed Abyssal Depths in Simulacrum not playing the correct music

Added Coalescence as the theme for Commencement in Simulacrum; this also fixes it playing random tracks



Now actually client-side compatible. No more accidental false advertising!



I didn't screw anything up actually

Added The Dehydration of Risk of Rain 2 as the logbook BGM

Readded Prelude in D flat major as the Simulacrum's BGM

Adjusted the volume of some tracks (or maybe just 1, I don't remember lol)

Updated README



Initial Release. Hopefully I didn't screw anything up.

Available versions

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