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Preloading optimisation for mods.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1

LighterPatcher is an adaptation of @xiaoxiao921's LighterHook.
It aims to reduce the weight of MonoMod RuntimeDetour's generated MMHook file as a BepInEx patcher.

Talk simple to me

MMHOOK_Assembly-CSharp.dll sometimes makes games slow. This patcher makes MMHOOK_Assembly-CSharp the smallest it can be.

Talk simpler to me

Patcher make make computer go faster.


Put the LighterPatcher.dll into BepInEx\Patchers folder.

Talk advanced to me

MMHOOK_Assembly-Csharp contains a lot of extranous types that take a lot of processing power to handle, this patcher strips all types that aren't required by any plugins.

The process to do so is as follows:

  1. Scan all dll files in the BepInEx\Plugins folder, and when that finds a mod with a reference to MMHOOK_Assembly-CSharp.dll, scan all methods of that dll for references to On.* and IL.*.
  2. Back up the original MMHOOK_Assembly-CSharp.dll to MMHOOK_Assembly-CSharp.dll.backup.
  3. Sort all types needed, and all types present.
  4. Do a mergeSort-esque iteration over both lists and remove types in the 'original' list that not present in the 'needed' list.
    • Expand all nested types while doing so.
  5. Write the stripped MMHOOK.


  • 1.0.4
    • Fix case where patcher would fail on certain well-formed instructions.
  • 1.0.3
    • Skip trimming types that are not part of the On and IL namespace, as we have not done any scanning for dependencies on such types. Additionally, such types may be used as markers by other modifications. Like BepInEx.MonoMod.HookGenPatcher.
  • 1.0.2

    • Fix case where patcher would remove types needed by parameters of uncalled methods.
    • Failing to succesfully build will no longer leave the enviroment in an unstable state.
    • More expansive logging when set to 'Debug'.
    • Remove unused non-delegate nested types. (Thanks iDeath for pointing this out)
    • No longer expand nested types of unused types.
  • 1.0.1

    • Fix case where patcher would fail to backup the mmhook because it already existed.
  • 1.0.0

    • initial release

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2020-9-19 1.0.4 7583 Harb-LighterPatcher-1.0.4.zip Install
2020-6-13 1.0.3 9721 Harb-LighterPatcher-1.0.3.zip Install
2020-4-28 1.0.2 1785 Harb-LighterPatcher-1.0.2.zip Install
2020-4-9 1.0.1 3229 Harb-LighterPatcher-1.0.1.zip Install
2020-4-8 1.0.0 263 Harb-LighterPatcher-1.0.0.zip Install